Bicycle parts distributor BTI is showing a “coming soon” banner for new versions of Shimano XTR and 105 rear derailleurs.

It’s no secret the direct mount versions of XT and XTR were coming, there just weren’t firm dates. Now, at least part numbers are in the system, which generally means things are on the way. The XTR M986 looks to be the DM version versus the M980. It’s a rolling change, with the only physical differences the change in bolt size and link thickness to accommodate the direct mount design. It’ll still work with standard frames and hangers, too. For a full tech breakdown on DM rear derailleurs, check this post and this video.

For the road, info on Shimano’s new wide-range 105 rear derailleurs was practically buried in the announcements of the Alfine Di2, new cyclocross disc brakes and other goodies. Model name simply bumps to 105 5701 and will now accommodate 30 or 32 tooth max cassette cog depending on cage length.

Thanks to Gillis for the tip!


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