Uploaded today, Giant Bicycles is teasing a new 29er full suspension mountain bike as the “Ultimate Trail Bike”.

It’s a bit fast paced to get much out of it, but if you follow Giant’s past logic, they’ll introduce an alloy frame first, gauge rider interest, then roll out a lighter, stiffer, better-in-every-way carbon version the following year. If they keep the naming scheme, it’s looking like a Trance 29er is in the works. This one’s pegged for an August release, so look for some hands on at Eurobike if not before.

What we could catch was a slightly longer rocker arm than what’s on the Anthem 29er models, and it has a reinforcement beam midway through it. Frame (at least this test mule) is definitely alloy and, unless the lighting is really off, looks to have a standard QR rear. This could just be a prototype, but seems odd that the ultimate trail bike wouldn’t use a thru axle front and rear.

Leave a comment if you spot anything else interesting!

Thanks to Kevin for the tip!


  1. There was a photo gallery a few weeks back of the first Oregon Super D race (cannot for the life of me remember which site.) This bike was definitely raced there!

  2. Ultimate Trail bike a 29er? Umm yeah…..

    I’m going out on a limb here, but really the ultimate trail bike would be a 69er….26″ in the rear and 29″ up front. I road a Carver hard tail for some time like this. Sweet bike.

    Why 69er? On a trail bike I feel the flick ability of a 26″ rear wheel is huge. Trail riding I feel nimbleness is paramount. 29 up front is nice for cornering, steep technical situations. A few big name industry people still feel the 69er is the way to go…however public perception is a tough hurdle. Mind you, not with the moto crowd who’ve seen such in dirt bikes for 30 years.

    Currently I think the best trail bike I’ve ridden is the Santa Cruz TRc….it has a unique geometry you need to get used to, but it rips once you do.

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