The “Pedal Lock” is a novel approach to deterring thefts in urban regions. The lock works by removing both pedals from the frame and locking the rear wheel. In theory, even if a thief managed to break or damage the lock…er pedals, they wouldn’t be able to ride away with the goods.

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By incorporating a lock into the pedals, riders no longer have to worry about toting around a heavy lock. Unfortunately, the pedals aren’t large enough to lock the wheel against a a solid object.

The designers claim it takes no longer than 13 seconds to lock a bike with their system, while securing a typical u-lock takes roughly 5 seconds.

Via Feng, Cheng-Tsung



  1. It appears the left hand pedal is right hand threaded. Could get interesting if it ever makes it past the design stage…

  2. Just take off the front wheel, put the lock through both wheels and the frame, and bob’s your uncle. No need for a convoluted pedal lock system.

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