Most of us wouldn’t touch a supermarket bike under any circumstances, but sometimes you just have to make do.

Filipe Perestrelo, who lives on Madeira Island, Portugal,  has  dreamed  of owning a specialized downhill bike from any early age, but his parents couldn’t afford the expensive hobby. Instead, this ripper has had to make do with a bargain mart POS.

His passion for the sport and incredible skills will make you feel guilty for even considering  fancy new upgrades!

This is the newest edit from Silvia films. These guys have yet to produce a bad clip. Expect the usual ridiculous high speed antics and impressive flow. Only grip is the intro’s a little long. Skip the first 30 seconds to get at the real goods.

Rich Forne is a well known BMX film-maker, but it turns out he can also ride…and crash. He charges an impressive array of wall rides and gaps,  which make me want to go out and discover some new street spots.


  1. Concerning Pilipe in Portugal, if you go the video on their he’s been getting a lot of support and some willing to donate old, used parts.
    He responded, so if anyone is interested in mailing their old parts to him:
    Filp(Jun 11, 2012 at 8:31)
    Firstly I want to thank everyone for supporting me, if you want to send me bike parts WHICH NEED NOT, my address is: Caminho das Figueirinhas nº120 casa 1 Rochão, Santa Cruz.
    Postal code: 9135 360 Camacha.
    Thank you very much!

  2. If Giant is marketing off this poor kid, they need to give him a downhill bike. At the very least give him a full suspension Yukon. I wonder how much they made off this add so far? I know it pumped me up enough to want purchase a downhill bike and ride.

  3. The reason for the giant logo in the front is because he submitted this video for a Ride Life Ride Whistler contest in which the winner gets a new Glory frame and a trip to whistler. The winner was announced the other day and it ended up being Filip. However instead of just a frame they are sending him a brand new Glory 0.

    Faith in humanity restored!

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