Just over a year ago, BH introduced their all new, 100mm, full carbon XC bike, the Lynx 4. That bike marked a huge leap forward for the brand, as the Lynx 4 featured all the bells and whistles one would expect on a high end carbon ride, and their relationship with Dave Weagle helped produce a sophisticated suspension platform which included Split Pivot. Taking what they learned from the Lynx 4, the new Lynx 6 is an all grown up, 150mm travel All Mountain monster designed for whatever you can throw at it.

More on the Lynx 6 after the break.

Like the Lynx 4, the 6 features a floating shock mount that allows the shock to actually move as it compresses. Thanks to the longer travel of the 6 though, proper shock placement meant it would need to pierce the seat tube – a design that hasn’t always worked. However, most of those bikes were made of metal, and since carbon fiber allows for seamless transpositions between structures like the shock tunnel, one has reason to believe it will be considerably more durable.

Like the 4, the Lynx 6 features a Monocoque UHM and HM full carbon construction with a press fit BB92 bottom bracket, and a standard tapered head tube that is all carbon – no aluminum cups.

Cable wise, you’ll find internally routed shift cables along with the cable for the Fox CTD remote on the rear shock as well. The Lynx 6 also has the proper guides for dropper posts like the KindShock LEV shown here, and supposedly it supports internally routed cable posts as well. Another very welcomed touch, is the addition of ISCG-05 mounting tabs which add to the bike’s versatility. Out back between the Split Pivots you’ll find a DT RWS 142×12 axle holding things together, just beneath the full carbon 160mm post mount disc brake tabs.



  1. The DW pivot linkage is the only system that I have consistently heard great things about. My next bike may have to be a Pivot.

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