Woody's Fenders Teak Rear Fender

Handmade bikes are cool. Handmade bikes with handmade wooden fenders? Even cooler.

Woody’s Fenders makes wooden add-ons for bikes. The “Chop Chort” rear fender pictured above clips on the bike with steel hardware at the seat stay brace. It’s compatible with caliper brakes. Different styles get different woods – walnut, maple, mahogany, teak, bubinga, oak, cherry, leopard, and more. Pricing on the teak “Chop Chort” pictured is $30.00. Laminated with slow cure epoxy, the elements shouldn’t ever bother it.  Total length is 18 inches. You can buy a rear fender or place a custom order at Woody’s website and Etsy store.

Click ‘more’ for Woody’s fender sets and wooden chain guards…

Woody's Fenders Comopund Fender Set  Woody's Fenders Flat Mahogany Set

Also offered are are these sick compound fender sets, left, and flat fenders right. They’re the same style as the fenders on our Spot Commuter, but a little more streamlined and, of course, wooden. Compound fenders are bent, so they block more debris. But they also cost more, around $180 for set, opposed to the roughly $100-$120 for Woody’s flat fenders. Made from the same kinds of wood as the “Chop Chort” fenders, there’s a huge selection to choose from. Both compound and flat fit 700c and 27″ wheels. The compound fenders featured above are cherry, with a bloodwood strip with bands of wenge and maple. The flat fenders are leopard wood with maple stripes and are edged with African mahogany.

Woody's Fenders Custom Wooden Chainguard

Chain guards from Woody’s Fenders cost $100. They’ll make them custom. The guard featured is wenge with a maple stripe.

All can be picked up or custom ordered at the Woody’s Fenders website.


  1. The custom chainguard is interesting. I would assume they could come up with a better fitting unit that avoids rattling as opposed to one-size-fits-all plastic versions. Would like to see some owner testimonials.

  2. Cody makes some lovely fenders. They look even better in person and work and hold up impressively despite their boutique appearance. I have a set and years later they’ve proven to be worth every penny. I’ve found myself envisioning different bike builds solely around different sets of his newest compound fenders that I’ve seen some of the local bike shops in Bend, Oregon.

  3. I don’t think you’ll find any better quality built fender, especially with the exotic woods that create the erotic appearance from a master craftsman, Cody Davis!!!!!!
    There is not a day that a person doesn’t stroke my fenders 😮 Yep, Birdseye Maple and Bubinga are a knock out!
    Already have the fenders for this winter’s build,

    Thanks Cody


  4. I have have installed 3 sets of Woody’s Fenders on my bikes. They are beautiful and durable. The amount of bike love I get because of the fenders is ridiculous. I am not complaining though. Woody’s let me design my own compound fenders. They even named them after me. Lea’s Creation. I might be bias but they are the hands down the prettiest they offer!


  5. I love my Woody’s fenders! I have them on my Swobo Baxter and it really makes a bike elegant and unique. They add a definite Rolls Royce vibe and complement your Brooks saddle and PDW grips. I have had them for 5 years now and they still look as good as new, without any maintenance on my part! Scan the site regularly and check out the amazing variety of designs and wood types. This is one of those purchases that I am soooo glad I made.

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