Paul at BikeFit shows off their SwitchIt device that lets you try out ALL the saddles and positions before you buy. Check out their “fastest saddle change in the West” after the break…


  1. That is a clever device, but the true test for a saddle is saddle time – and that can’t be replicated in a bike shop. I encourage all saddle makers to offer a test program like Specialized and Fizik so bikers can experience actual saddle time on their own bike and their own trails or roads.

  2. Yup, I’m with Jerome on this one. But at least you’ll be able to rule out the saddles that just completely miss the mark for you. (you know, the ones that as soon as you sit down start rubbing and digging into sensitive tissue.)

    Doesn’t solve the age old question, more like narrows it down.

  3. Yeah, its a cool idea and it will help but doesn’t completely solve the problem.

    About the video though, couldn’t this guy barrow a iPhone or modern Android phone and throw up a video that doesn’t look 10+ years old?

  4. Ah. But where do you start? Have you been into a bike shop lately? They’ve got upwards of 20 different saddles. And most test saddle programs don’t offer that many choices. Plus, they are mostly all time sensitive.

    And don’t get me started on the cost of a test saddle program. This device should be in every bike shop that wants to sell saddles. Period.

  5. It’s about time. I mean it is 2012 and it still takes 5 to 10 minutes to change a saddle to just try one.

    Until now no other starting place compares…unless you have an amazing relationship with your thumb and you are able to tell by sticking it into a saddle and decide what your ass will like for the next few thousand miles. I can only speak for myself when I say I just don’t have that kind of relationship with my thumb.

  6. 800 views in only a few hours! That is just fabulous. We thank for publishing. At BikeFit are very excited about the SwitchIt. Obviously, the art of bike fitting is our passion. This handy saddle tool not only makes saddle choice that much easier for each and every cyclist but, you would be amazed at the postural changes that can be seen with a quick and simple swapping of saddle. Readers are correct. Ultimately the final choice comes with miles. However, the biofeedback your body can show while using the SwitchIt for saddle choice is unrivaled. Comfort, Efficiency and Injury Prevention all in one. You simply won’t see this by taking the time to mount saddle after saddle after saddle.

  7. With our first prototype Woodinville Bike Shop in Washington doubled saddles sales in a year. Recently a few shops have paid for the SwitchIt in less than a week in use. They save time while offering a higher level of customer service. At $895 not many consumers will be purchasing the device but for dealers we offer many other incentives with our BikeFit Pro education and products.

  8. Maybe the ‘try a bunch of seats and you will find one’ approach needs to change? Any shops like dealing with that crap? This tool could help for sure, but I don’t think it’s quite as useful as the hype made

  9. well that is 5-minutes of my life I won’t get back – what a waste of time. headline is WAY misleading. it should could have been an interesting topic. do you need help – i am sure there are many fitters who could fill in the blanks for you instead of marketing your latest contraption.

  10. I don’t trust anyone in the bike industry that is fat. Get out and ride. As your taint shapes up, guess what? You’ll be on a different saddle, Mr. Fastest saddle change in the West.

    It takes miles ridden, not miles driven to a shop to ride a saddle for a couple minutes. Ask anyone that’s been riding for a long time. A new saddle comes out, we buy it, we ride it for a couple hundred miles and decide. The greatest invention for saddle testing today is eBay. You can “rent” every saddle sold today and get at least 50% back from someone that likes what your didn’t.

  11. The problem is the device isn’t on your actual bike, so you aren’t testing the saddle in your normal position, so what you feel isn’t the same as on your bike. Most saddles are designed for specific torso angles – upright, semi upright or low, so I don’t see how testing them in the wrong position, not on your bike is really that accurate or helpful. Great gimmick for the store wanting to sell more saddles not willing to spend time with the customer to mount the saddle on their bike.

  12. To Whatever – I guess you don’t know who fatso is and maybe he can shed some light on some if any of his accomplishments. You cannot judge the book by it’s cover. Because someone is fat and does not have time to ride you wouldn’t trust him? Some fitters and seasoned industry professionals don’t have as much time to ride because they are busy developing products for the masses.

    As far as the SwitchIt, it does a great job eliminating those saddles that off the bat don’t feel good, I agree! But I can see where someone could ride a saddle for an hour on the SwitchIt and figure out if it’s a keeper.

  13. That guy is good… at what he does: changing saddles. I reckon it’s a brilliant mechanical concept. And @ whatever: not fat but definitely too big. When I worked in a bike shop as a mechanic my boss looked exactly like him…he was back then in his late thirties but earlier on in his top days a German road cycling champ…nearly made it to the TDF. Anyway…he got a bike shop,3 kids and put on loads of weight. Go and figure.

    • The title is correct. This simply makes it easier. Is it perfect….you can decide. But, if you have not tried it you are missing a gap of information. It is easy to find the negative if you look for the negative. But looking for the negative will make sure you miss all the positive things this device offers.

      Shops that use it can show you. Most of the shops with the SwitchIt have it mounted on an adjustable bike. You can adjust to get it close to your REAL WORLD position. Most shops will let you use the device for as long as you would like. I know shops that will put on compatible pedals and also change the handle bars. Some shops will let you also put it on your own bike.

      We think it is great that saddle companies offer demo programs. Shops with the SwitchIt know it helps people eliminate saddles that are OFTEN ‘thought’ might be a good choice. Sometimes the device narrows it down to 2 saddles. Now you can take advantage of the demo program. The shop will not be swapping out a dozen saddles but only 2.

      Other companies suggest you sit on a box to find a saddle (I am sure you know who they are). That we know does not come close to making a good saddle choice compared to using the SwitchIt.

      So is it perfect…maybe or maybe not. Is it easier? That is a no brainer.

      So my black shirt could not hide that I am out of shape? Duh, that is obvious and goes without saying. No I am not at fighting weight but I will be glad to go for a ride with you. And by way I will also let you pick which leg I get to use? After that I will still be glad to let you use the SwitchIt and find a better fitting saddle. At least your bum won’t hurt anymore however, I am not sure if I can do that for your ego.

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