2013 Pinarello Dogma XC carbon fiber asymmetric 29er mountain bike

Rumored since May, Pinarello’s re-entry into the mountain bike market is now official. The Dogma XC 9.9 29er pulls plenty of tech from their Dogma road bikes, including an asymmetric frame design and Torayca Nanoalloy.

The seatstays use a rather unique layout, with the driveside stay bending just above the bridge and hitting the seat tube just above the top tube. The non-drive stay remains straighter and hits the seat tube at it’s peak. According to the BR&IN story, Pinarello says this reduces vibrations. The seat clamp uses a collar and bolt at each junction.

The seat tube flares out a bit at the BB, and the downtube and chainstays look fairly oversized. Rear brake is mounted on the chainstay, which has a larger, stronger cross section than the seatstay. Typically, this allows the seatstays to remain thinner overall for a lighter bike and more compliant ride.

Another unique feature is the bumper on the bottom of the downtube where it meets the headtube. The DT spreads wide to almost wrap around the entire headtube from the looks of it. The bumper protects the frame in the event of a wreck, keeping the fork crown from smacking the carbon.

The Torayca Nanoalloy uses nanoparticles embedded in the fibers that “explode upon impact” to prevent cracks and tears from forming in the frame by localizing the impact forces. It sounds odd, but Pinarello’s tech docs say it makes it 59% stronger on impact than conventional fibers. The coming out party for the new Dogma XC 9.9 is July 15, more as we get it…

2013 Pinarello Dobma 65-1 Think 2 road bike with Di2 and EPS electronic integration

The new Dogma 65.1 Think 2 sticks with their curvy, asymmetric frame but gets a stronger, lighter carbon fiber spec. Where the current Dogma 2 uses 60HMK1 carbon, this new bike gets 65HMK1.

The frame also gets updated to be electronic and mechanical drivetrain ready. It’ll come in 12 sizes and be available through their custom paint program.

2013 Pinarello Dobma 65-1 Think 2 road bike with Di2 and EPS electronic integration


  1. I wan´t some bigger pictures to!!!

    Far away from beeing fan of (thesedays) Pinarellos…
    theyr debut in MTB frames might not be a revolution but all these tweaks make this frame definitely worth to be build…
    There is some passion to smell! In some days it could be a classic?

    This is much more adorable than the “dentist-frames” from OPEN

  2. So instead of making clearance for a fork crown they put a rubber stop on the down tube? Really? Seems like they need to get in touch with the Asian manufacturer and get that worked out.

  3. Pinarello started being bullshit 10 years ago already. For those of you who did not realize, please WAKE UP!!!!! thanks…

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