Map My RIde App Courses

Map My Ride unveiled a new feature that adds fuel to the heat of competition. Courses, the latest update to the iMapMyRide app available for iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android, lets users compare stats across the board.

Courses has four categories – Climbs, Descents, Member Created Routes, and Actual Stage Race Events. The fastest riders in any of these categories, just like Strava, get social medals. But, Map My Ride Courses award for more than just fastest time on segments. For all official courses, they’re using a new monthly point system. The point system tallies each month on a leaderboard to determine the person with the  best overall times. King and Queen positions are awarded for best overall times in climbs; Speed King and Queen are awarded for descents. Stage Race Event courses work the same way, giving the fastest rider overall leader status.  Also, “Guru” status, for those of us extremely determined, is awarded to the cyclist that has completed any official course the most times.

As always, Map My Ride will provide live tracking and everything else you’ve come to expect. Things just got…more social. Details here.


  1. My riding buddies and I all quit trying to use the MapMyRide app a while back because it would freeze up and not open unless there was a cell signal available. It would be ok if you lost signal during a ride, but you had to have it to open the app initially. Pretty much no place we ride MTB has signal, and some of our road rides start out in the boonies as well, so that pretty much killed the joy for MapMyRide. The Strava app is so simple, and doesn’t require a signal to work, so that’s what everyone I know seems to use now.

  2. Strava has done a brilliant job, the UI is great, the apps work well, and I think it may be hard to compete (unless they ditch Google Maps!). Never had any issues with Strava myself, but in light of recent lawsuits, I really do like the point system that MapMyRide has introduced for climbs. It may take some of the emphasis, seen on Strava, off of raw speed so that mere mortals have another way of competing with one another. I hope Strava can implement something like this as another tab on their leaderboard. Sticking with Strava for now.

  3. Strava is definitely the best app out there today, but anything relying on GPS is going to have a margin of error when the signal is lost. It’s totally frustrating when you see that straight line shooting across a section of a ride where the signal was lost. I’m surprised these apps haven’t utilized what gmaps uses to triangulate approx location with cell tower reception (when GPS is unavailable); in effect compensating for a lost signal. It would improve accuracy, but it’s hard to make it perfect ever time.

  4. MapMyRide is vile on the web, I’m sure it will be as horrid on mobile, who runs that company! What are they thinking, can’t they see how terrible the usability of their site is. Please stop it, close shop and go do something else for living.

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