Aboard NeilPryde’s new Bayamo TT bike were the new Mavic Cosmic CXR 80 Aero Wheels, but we had a note from Mavic saying that they were unrideable samples. The NeilPryde folks, however, hadn’t gotten that memo. Apparently, these were one of only a few sets in the states and Mavic wanted to keep them pristine, so we didn’t actually ride them. But here are some closeup photos of the wheels and the Blade aero faring.

Note the directional tread pattern on the sides. Mavic designed it specifically to improve aerodynamics. While most of it is covered, the entire sidewall of the tire is reflective, as are the Cosmic logos on the rims. Click through to see more…

As Mavic described, the Blade is very soft and supple. There’s no doubt it would deform with the tire over any bumps.

The inside of the Blade has a yellow strip that snaps into a channel on the edge of the rim. The entire Blade ring is slightly stretchy and has to be pulled around the circumference of the rim. Once you’ve got it mostly around, it gets a little tight and snaps in, holding itself in place.

Spoke flanges have a rounded profile, not all that dissimilar from the rims.



  1. Ok – you have my interest, but listen …. how long before I lose a blade while riding or just through wear? If they cost, say 80 bucks a pair I have a feeling I’m not going to be happy.

  2. Speaking of losing one… Where do you think those are going to end up if they come off while riding or after rubbing tires in a race? I envision them causing a lot of wrecks and “incidents”…

  3. I like to think of it as really expensive weather stripping. Since it has Mavic on it .. you know it will be high dollar. Wondering about use of their proprietary weather stripping with other aero wheels.

  4. I doubt these would come off under normal riding conditions, unless they got rubbed by a maladjusted brake pad. Plus, as of late Mavic has been pretty tight about R&D so I bet they’ve gone through plenty of failure scenarios – at least I hope. And I don’t see it wearing that quickly either. It kind of just sits there. Even if you had to replace it yearly, if you shelled out for the wheelset to begin with, it’s probably pocket change to you.

What do you think?