Splinter Bike Quantum All Wooden

Built in the UK just in time for Olympic coverage, Splinter Bike just released Quantum, their third bicycle. It’s constructed from entirely wood and glue – even the tires. They’re using the Quantum to set speed records in the “International All Wooden Bicycle Speed Record Association”,  IAWBSRA for short.

With 88 CNC machined components total, total weight is 39kg/86lbs. Made from many different kinds of wood including plywood, Splinter Bike used Lignum Vitae, a self-lubricating hardwood in places where components rub, and broom handles for bars. Both seat and bar height are adjustable. Also, the tires are dried glue.

The gear ratio is 2.5:1 as opposed to earlier versions with 4:1 ratios. 224 teeth round the cog situated right below the wooden saddle. At a sprint cadence of 170, speed is 35mph. The only thing missing is a wooden helmet.

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Splinter Bike Quantum All Wooden Front


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