Budnitz Bike Beer Wrench Bolts

Paul Budnitz Bicycles last year released some rad high-end titanium commuter frames laced to disc brakes, belt drives and internal hubs. Now, in addition to a couple new bikes in the arsenal, they have this bottle opener – the Budnitz Titanium Beer Wrench.

Drilled to sit on bottle mounts, the two sides make it both a bottle opener and a 15mm wrench that’ll remove axle bolts and Alfine internal hub bolts for fixing wheels on the fly. Weight totals at 35g. Engraved on the wrench is the inspirational Zen quote, “the Road is the Destination.”

Pricing is $38 and they’re available here.

Budnitz Bike Beer Wrench Mounted


  1. Paul Budnitz. Re-inventing the wheel over and over and over and over. Products better than this have been on the market for years and did not need to cost as much as a nice bottle of wine. There ya go Paul, lets see a $82 titanium corkscrew with a Maya Angelou-esque quote on it next.

  2. Oh wow, a bike widget that incorporates a bottle opener… how novel.

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  3. “The Road is the Destination” – crack open a cold one before you get there! Nothing like promoting drinking and getting out there with some cars!

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