Video: New Dahon Jifo 16 Pocket-Sized Singlespeed Folding Bike

2013 Dahon Jifo 16 miniature commuter folding bicycle

Dahon’s Jifo 16 is their newest compact folding bike, and it’s tiny.

It uses a new folding pattern and is designed as a “multimodal” commuter for getting between trains, buses, home and work. It’s a singlespeed with 16″ wheels, so it’s aimed at folks sound short stints, not a long haul.

Retail is $899, available now. The alloy frame weighs in at just 19lbs. Wheels are built on double wall, eyeletted rims and Primo tires, which let you run 85psi, way more than cheaper tires and rims would allow.

Besides the super compact size -folded dimensions are about 22″ x 22″ x 14″- the killer app is the super simple folding and unfolding, and the new snap in pedals. They’re looking at making and SPD version of the pedal and making it available aftermarket since it can go in any crankarm.

I pedaled around on it a bit and, at 6’2″, was surprised at how well it both fit and handled for something so small. Smaller wheels don’t typically feel as stable, but this one was easily maneuverable without being twitchy. For smoother roads and short rides, it’s pretty sweet. As with most folding bikes, the stock brakes leave a lot to be desired, but at least that’s a fairly easy upgrade down the road.

Pics and some Dahon bike giveaway contest info after the break…

2013 Dahon Jifo 16 miniature commuter folding bicycle

2013 Dahon Jifo 16 miniature commuter folding bicycle with quick release pedals

The quick release pedals could be a great aftermarket item for other folding bikes, too. They slot into an integrated holster on the back of the Jifo when it’s folded up. Overall, it makes the bike more compact than ones with pedals that simply fold flat against the cranks.


Dahon and Superman Take Flight into Exciting Summer Promotions

Duarte, California, June 22, 2012 – Dahon, the world leader in folding bicycles teams up with Warner Bros. to promote the movie studio’s newest home videos, Superman vs. The Elite and Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham and Other Stories in exciting promotions that will run across television, print and online media this summer.

A sweepstakes for Superman vs. the Elite launched at the beginning of this month and will remain open for entry through July 6, 2012. Grand prize winners will take home Dahon’s revolutionary new Jifo while television advertisements for Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham and Other Stories began airing this week in the US. Participants of this sweepstakes will have the chance to win the compact Curve D3 from Dahon. Contest entry will remain open until July 16, 2012.

Dahon has also paired up with Nikki Sixx, an American musical artist and lead bass guitarist for Mötley Crew for an on-air promotion with the rock star’s radio show, Sixx Sense with Nikki Sixx. An avid Dahon fan, Sixx will give away ten Mu P8 folding bikes, one of Dahon’s most popular models, to ten lucky callers beginning June 25 through July 1.

Another promotion based in Belgium is in collaboration with Colgate. The European-based promotion will give away a Dahon Eco C7 as part of a sweepstakes drawing to help raise awareness for the importance of oral hygiene.


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