Fun New Bikes from Schwinn

2013 Schwinn Bicycles commuter urban and cruiser bikes

No specs, no descriptions. Just photos of some fun looking commuter, cruiser and urban bikes. Above, my favorite of the bunch thanks to the clean (yet geared) drivetrain and integrated front basket.

2013 Schwinn Bicycles commuter urban and cruiser bikes

Glad to see the integrated cup holder carries into 2013 models.

2013 Schwinn Bicycles commuter urban and cruiser bikes

2013 Schwinn Bicycles commuter urban and cruiser bikes

Coffee, anyone?

2013 Schwinn Bicycles commuter urban and cruiser bikes


7 thoughts on “Fun New Bikes from Schwinn

  1. They look pretty cool. Too bad the bike shops won’t carry these and bring respect back to the brand.
    I would buy one….
    They don’t look any different than the over priced globe bikes or some of the other new low cost bikes, some of the bike shops are currently marketing.

  2. It pains me to say this, but Walmart has actually stepped up their bike game quite a bit in the last 2-3 years. They were already responsible for putting more people on bikes than any other retailer in the world. Now though, instead of some cheap full susser with a bunch of plastic bits that will fall apart or just fall off in no time, people can get something that looks halfway decent and that should actually work for more than a few days. Supposedly they’ve improved bike assembly training for employees, too. More happy people on more serviceable bikes should = more business for the LBS’s when those people decide to upgrade later instead of giving up on bikes altogether because their p.o.s. fell apart.
    Maybe. We’ll see…

  3. I doubt anyone who would actually buy these bikes ever visits this site. Know your audience you bunch of sell outs!

  4. Well said, Timbo. These are eye-catching designs that would look good in any manufacturer’s line-up. Cheers to the designers at Schwinn for raising the style bar for low-cost bicycles.

  5. A quick look at Schwinn’s website shows most of these bikes. With prices on many in the $600-1470 range, I think that they are moving well past Walmart.

  6. I was just joking about Walmart. The Schwinn bikes they are showing on this website are for IBDs and Performance. We used to be a Schwinn dealer but it got to the point you never sold any of the nice bikes. Also with Schwinn not making a complete “bike shop” line anymore it made us drop them. If Dorel (Schwinn owners) would drop the “Wal-mart” line and make a more models (not going to happen). I believe bike shops would pick them up again. My guess is Schwinn will be like Mongoose (Dorel owned also) and the IBD bikes will go away and Schwinn’s will just be in the discount houses. Cannondale and GT (both Dorel Owned) will be the good bikes.

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