Ever wonder how a long travel 29er would fare in the 26″ ripper land of British Columbia? So did Oak Bay Bikes, who, along with Niner, built one up just like they’d build a 26″ and put it through its paces. Word is they were doing a bit more gap jumping and big drops than this video portrays. The WFO is a 140mm travel “all mountain/freeride” bike, not really a DH bike, but we hear they treated it as such on several occasions. Stay tuned for some new stuff from Niner Bikes this week!


  1. I’ve been rallying a custom built 2012 WFO since last fall. Its a great bike with the Monarch Plus RC3 on it, I can’t stand the bike with a Monarch RT3 on it though. I race this bike in super-d and like to huck it. Its a great bike, and here are my observations:

    – Its pedals uphill very well.
    – It rallies super-d exceptionally.
    – It is a bit slower to turn than a 26er, not by much but at mach speed you will feel it.
    – It shines at mach speed in straight lines, or well bermed courses.
    – My build comes in at 32lb, decent, not exceptional but decent.
    – Its bomb proof really with the Fox 34 140 on the front.
    – Its very forgiving actually and will hold a line ( you’ll want to go 27is lbs in the front tire for off-camber rooty high speed turns ).
    – It is only 140mm of travel. At the end of the day, 140 is 140 in vertical travel regardless of wheel size. This may be perfect for you, or not, depends on what you’re riding.
    – The ONLY tire to run on the front of this bike is the Hans Dampf, try others, then try the Hans, you’ll see a world of difference in the front end compliance and tracking specifically again in very bad, off-camber chunk corners.
    – Its very predictable, no surprises, a very trust worthy steed. I’ll be sad to see mine go, but racing super-d and enduro (timed DH sections only, climbs are required but not timed) I truly feel the 650b wheel is the one to ride…. my .02


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