The Rudy Project Windmax helmet is the latest in their line of well ventilated, comfortable “brain box” protectors. It comes equipped with 21 rather large vents improving air flow over your dome to improve evaporation and cooling.

The Windmax has their new RSR8 dial retention system which is similar to other company’s adjustment systems and is as simple as turning a dial to adapt to your dome size, but this system also adjusts vertically. The helmet comes in three sizes with the Large being the biggest.

Years ago I was sponsored by Rudy Project and with that I had the opportunity to wear many of their products. While I liked their previous products, which included their helmets, I can honestly say that the Windmax is a step above. It’s lightweight, has nice cushioning and adjustability ranks high. Very little play is noticed when attempting to dislodge its snug, yet comfortable, fit. I have not had the pleasure of wearing this helmet while riding in screaming hot conditions but into the high 70’s it kept me cool and comfortable.


The Windmax comes with a handy-dandy carrying sack and two different sized easily-to-install-and-remove visors. A bonus when riding in warmer weather is a removable bug stopper mesh netting in the front of the helmet which ends at the crown of the skull where most of the wind will strike… I love the idea of stopping bugs climbing about my head during a ride! Rudy-Project-Retention-System

The integrated strapping system itself is light weight with thinner straps claimed to allow for more comfort. The straps land over your cheeks snugly but not rigidly. When the straps are clicked together, using their Fast-tex system, a small chin pad creates additional comfort.

While this strapping system is a bit more comfortable, personally, I like a strap system to be a bit more durable, using thicker nylon straps. The straps on the Windmax are rather thin and as a result they flap in the wind much more than others helmets I have worn. Now, the flapping occurred while descending on gravel roads as well as during a road ride at over 40mph so this may not be an issue for some. The straps are more than sturdy enough to keep the helmet on your head, and stoutly I might add, but in comparing them to others I have used I was only slightly disappointed.

Rudy-Project-Windmax-integrated-strap-systemI will say that with the massive skull that I have, I could have used a bit more room as I have the dial adjusted all the way out and if I were to add in any of the included padding, I would not have enough room for my 7 7/8” cranium! Ok, I deserve the wise cracks, J.

Comparing this helmet to others such as Giro, Bell etc is difficult at best as we all have our personal preferences and fit and comfort criteria. Having worn many of the other helmets, the Rudy Project Windmax ranks near the top for either road riding or mountain biking.

Weight: 294grams (Size Large without visor), 310grams with larger visor

MSRP: $299… however, with some searching you can find it for $199 depending on the retailer, or take advantage of their frequent 2-for-1 deals.


  1. @ Erik. This review could not have come at a better time. I’m interested in picking your (rather big) brain. I have a similar problem to you. I also have a huge head.

    I recently got a free Rudy Project Zuma helmet with a pair of Rydon Glasses I purchased. I knew my head was big so requested a large. It does not fit well as it puts rather a lot of pressure on the sides of my forehead (above the edge of the helmet) meaning the circumference is fine but the shape insidethe helmet is not.

    I’ve had my eye on the Fluoro Freen Sterling from Rudy project for some time and have been afraid to buy it fearing the same problem. I am not able to try one on as I live literally thousands of miles away from the nearest Rudy stockists.

    A friend of mine just bought himself a Sterling and let me try it on. No pressure on my skull?!?!?!!? My new Rudy Project Sterling arrived 2 days ago having purchased it online as i have to with most things.

    My question is, I sort of understand that not every head is the same shape and that certain helmets will not fit certain heads. BUT do you have any idea where i can maybe find any info on what internal shape each helmet from Rudy Project has?

  2. Hi Ajbosch,
    I wish I could help you out on this one but I will contact Rudy Project personally regarding your question. Big heads unite! 🙂 ErikD

  3. I have a flouro green sterling. I am very disappointed with it. The helmet itself is awesome but the flouro finish faded within 1 season in the sun. Sterling yes, flouro finish NO!

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