ENVE Composites road disc brake fork compared with CX cyclocross disc brake carbon fork

ENVE Composites has added a disc brake road fork to complement their disc cyclocross fork and standard road forks.

Shown here compared to their CX disc fork, it’ll come built similarly to their 2.0 road forks but with a wider 358mm diameter crown opening. That’s compared to 350mm on the 2.0, which is already pretty generous. That should make it great for “dirt road bikes” and those looking to do a little more adventurous riding without going to a cyclocross bike. With that in mind, you’ll see the first OEM spec of this fork on a Salsa bike coming late this summer.

ENVE Composites road bike disc brake fork

When we did our factory tour a few months ago, this box just happened to show up. This was their final pre-production batch and, if they passed ENVE’s final in-house and third party testing, full production would start. Three forks were pulled out and immediately brought to their testing room (we didn’t get to see it, unfortunately), three were pulled out and reboxed to deliver to OEM customers for their own testing, and others were earmarked for outside testing. We were embargoed until now to show and tell.

ENVE Composites road disc brake fork

It’ll be offered in 1.5 tapered steerer only. Like the CX disc fork, it uses a carbon fiber clamp band to retain the brake hose/housing. They pointed out that the clamp needed to be refined to fit better into the recess than what you see here.

ENVE Composites road disc brake fork

Forward facing dropouts should prevent braking forces from popping the wheel out. Brake post mounts are designed around a minimum 160mm 140mm rotor.

ENVE Composites road disc brake fork

Click to enlarge. There’s no brake hole molded into the crown, these are disc only.

ENVE Composites road disc brake fork actual weight

Actual weight with uncut steerer is 438g. Standard road 2.0 fork comes in at 373g with straight steerer, so apples to apples might put a weight difference of 35g to 40g for the disc bits.

Axle to crown is 367mm, rake is 43mm with more options to come depending on interest). It should be available in August, retail is $487.


  1. Steve:
    1. I’ve seen many bike companies refer to the inability to post about product as an embargo.
    2. One of the exact definitions of embargo is — vb , -goes , -goes , -going , -goed – to lay an embargo upon.
    3. Misuse is one word.
    4. Don’t be a douche.

  2. Regardless of dangers, prototype territory and all that, I am still dying to try road disc brakes. So, guess wut I like these dang forx.

  3. So what rims do Enve recommend we use these disc brake road bike forks with? Are their 29er XC rims able to withstand more than 60psi or do we have to compromise with rims that have a rim brake track? It would be good to get non-rim brake track Enve rims on a R45 disc version hub on my volagi!!

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