bikerumor bike shop video challenge winner!

Big Poppi Bicycle Company!

We notified them this morning and they sent this photo to show how excited they were to win. “In our third year here at Big Poppi Bicycle Co. we really feel like we are hitting our stride, and it’s awesome that we can share our sport and our passion for people with the rest of the country.”

Congrats to Aaron, Jeff and the gang! Check out the winning video here.


  1. They spend the first 54 seconds talking about the community and the rest of the video just talking about the staff. I actually thought it was a recruitment video to work at their shop, not a video showcasing what their shop could do for the community, or a story about how cool biking is (as some of the other videos were).


  2. Agree with the other 2 comments. Great quality but more about how weird they all are and less about the bikes, community, or culture. Interesting pick.

  3. Could someone cut & paste the contest rule that might have excluded the winner based on their video content? I can’t find it.

  4. Hmmm. I’ve been going to my LBS for quality service and competitive prices. I didn’t realize that the core of a good bike shop is people. I thought Soylent Green was people.

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