DT Swiss has been busy getting ready for 2013. Nearly every one of their categories is seeing at least one new product, with new forks, shocks, wheels, rims, hubs, and spokes! One of the most noteworthy parts of the whole deal, is the fact that almost every road wheel for 2013 will be compatible with Shimano 11 speed. Since 11 speed needs a 1.8mm wider freehub body, hubs had to be redesigned to fit the wider bodies. Don’t worry though – you can still run 10 speed Shimano cassettes on an 11 speed freehub with the included spacer. While we saw most of this stuff at Sea Otter and got in a quick overview, now we’ve got official photos and all the tech specs. For 2013, DT Swiss has new road and mountain bike wheels, including one 650B set, and they’ve added a three-position rear shock with either an alloy or carbon air can that follows the trend of preset clicks for climbing, riding and descending.

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New to the Dt Swiss DICUT line up are the additions of both a carbon clincher with an aluminum brake track, as well as a full aluminum version as well. The RRC 46 (Road Race Carbon 46mm),  features a carbon/aluminum hybrid rim with a UD carbon finish. They feature a 20/24h spoking with bladed, double butted, straight pull spokes that like all DICUT wheels are specially made to prevent the spoke from rotating. Without RWS skewers, the RRC 46 come in at a claimed 1605g.

The RR 21s are 21mm deep aluminum clinchers that also feature the DICUT hub technology. Available in both black and white, the RR 21s are also 20/24h and use the same spokes as the other DICUT wheels to come in at a respectably low 1460g without RWS skewers. Like the rest of the DICUT line up for 2013, both the RR 21 and RRC 46 feature DT’s star ratchet drive system and are Shimano 11 speed compatible and include the needed washer to run 10 speed cassettes as well.


The DT Swiss Spline wheel line up is completely new for 2013. With DT’s naming structure, SPLINE comes from Straight Pull LINE, referring to the new Spline straight pull hub like those shown below and take advantage of the new DT Swiss straight pull spokes. Built as replacements for the RR 1600 and RR 1900, with the addition of  a carbon tubular, the Spline line up is meant as a high performance option for the average rider. In the Spline line, all but the R 28 are 11 speed compatible, likely due to the fact that the RC 38 and R 23 both feature Star ratchet drive hubs, while the R 28 has a standard 2 pawl drive system. The RC 38, R 23, and R 28 weigh in at 1305g, 1520g, and 1890g respectively. DT notes that the Spline rims are all tubeless convertible, likely with the DT Swiss tubeless conversion kit.

Just like the 240s and 350 straight pull mountain hubs shown on the first page, the same hubs will be available for road bikes as well. Utilizing the new DT Swiss Competition Straigh pull spokes, you can now build your own custom straight pull wheels with DT hubs as the center of attention. Both hubsets are a standard 100mm/130mm affair, with the 240s being offered in 20/24 front/rear spoking, and the 350 in a 24/28 combo.


Roadies aren’t the only ones who get to benefit from the new Spline wheels, as they carry over into DT’s 2013 mountain wheel line up as well. In fact, the Spline wheel line up covers the gamut of mountain bikes with wheels available for 26, 29, and yes, 650b (they even offer the M480 which is a 650b rim). The Spline wheels, like their road bike siblings, feature tubeless convertible rims which likely means the use of DT’s tubeless rim strips – though hopefully they’re better designed than the few DT wheels I’ve tried to convert with their system (it was nearly impossible to get the tires on). Spline wheels are mixed with higher end options getting the ubiquitous star ratchet system and Centerlock rotor compatibility, while the cheaper options are equipped with a 2 pawl drive system and 6 bolt. While all of the wheels are offered in either QR or 15mm thru front hubs, every wheel but the X 1900 are offered in both 135 and 142×12 rear wheel options. This trend continues across the mountain bike wheel line up with both the XRC 950 carbon tubulars and the XRC 1150 carbon clinchers now being offered with a 15mm front, and 142x12mm rear thru axle option as well. Also, the 180 Carbon Ceramic Centerlock hubs now boast the thru axle options as well. Really, across the board, DT’s 2013 wheel line is all about expanding options to fit a lot of current bikes on the market.




2013 DT Swiss mountain bike suspension forks
Left to Right: XMM120 29er - XMM140 26 - XRM100 26


For 2013, DT Swiss’ forks will now feature a carbon tapered steerer with 15mm thru axle for the top end model of each travel offering. They’ve also updated the oil to make the lowers slide on the stanchions a bit easier, particularly in cold weather, and new dust seals at the top of the lowers should help as well.

In addition, DT has engineered a new remote lever that is more carbon bar friendly thanks to rubber and plastic inserts inside the clamp. There will be lever versions for both Twin shot and Single shot damper forks, with the new X313 shock below utilizing the same remote lever as a Twin shot damper fork. According to DT, the lever is the lightest on the market, and should play nicely with nearly any handlebar set up you’re running.

New to the shock line up are the X313 cross, and X313 carbon cross rear shocks. The X313 is an all new rear-shock intended for xc marathon racing and Trail riding with 3 remote operated modes (also available in non-remote). The shock features three modes: fully locked out for pavement riding and sprinting, drive mode for trail riding and climbing, and open mode for descending or riding rough terrain. As mentioned it uses the same remote as a Twin Shot damper, for both shocks. The X313 Carbon Cross sports a carbon shell for light weight at 145g, or 165g w/remote, while the X313 Alloy comes in at a reported 198g, or 218g w/remote. All shocks feature the ABS-Air Spring System, and externally adjustable rebound.





    • Yes, Andy, the 240s Lefty hub is still available and I believe it has not changed. It is available in Black and White, and in 24/28/32 h drillings.

  1. Seems like some of these new mtn bike hubs would be a great starting point for my new all-mtn wheelset. Too bad DT Swiss can’t be bothered to make their front hubs fit 20mm axles.

  2. I am wondering if the Campa freewheel will be changed as well.
    DT have widened their hub to 131mm for Shimano, so the wheel has to be trues 0,5mm further to the right.
    If you change the rotor from Shimano to Campa, you would have to recenter the wheels!
    I know this is not an issue for customers as thes usually have either system but rarely both, but shops or distributers can’t change between the two standards just by changing the freewheel rotor.

    Any info on that?

  3. @SL, sorry I should have mentioned that, but you are in luck. That new 350 Straight pull hub is going to be offered in a 20mm thru axle version.

  4. @john, you are kidding right? It is the most durable system in existance. Plus, remove the cartridge seals, an you get the lower durability of Shimano/Campy bearings plus the low rolling resistance of the Campy ceramic system.
    DT always makes user friendly and durable stuff, unlike others.

  5. Purchased a fork from DT. It takes a 15mm RWS axle and the forks didn’t ship with one – purchase as new 2nd hand. Now been told there are no 15mm axles in the UK and none of the distributors can get hold them. Having a unique thread means no easy swap with another make. Properly sucks.

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