Ward Industries titanium bicycle pedal spindles for crank brothers Shimano bebop and look

Looking for a lightweight yet wallet friendly upgrade to your Crank Brothers Eggbeater or other road or mountain bike pedals?

These titanium spindles are machined in Detroit, Michigan, by Ward Industries and weigh in at just 68g for the pair. Compare that to about 136g for the standard axles from Crank Brothers. They’re available on eBay for $57 along with a little note that while you can find a cheaper Ti spindle from Asia, it won’t be made with U.S.-sourced Ti 6Q2 originially developed for the Air Force’s Raptor program. They say it’s stronger, tougher and stiffer than 6al/4V titanium at the same weight.

They have a healthy rider weight limit of 235 pounds and come with a six month replacement guarantee. We haven’t ridden them personally, but a couple of our friends at Niner have been rockin’ them for more than two years with no problems.

They come in 98.95mm standard lengths and two shorter options. Looking for another model or brand? They’ve got spindles for the Candy, Acid and Mallet, as well pedals from Look, Shimano and Bebop.


  1. I’ve run these for about two years. They are awesome! Some of the best machining I’ve seen. I don’t use them anymore coz I switched from Crank Bros to XTR’s, wish they had some that worked for the 980s!

  2. I have been riding these in a set of eggbeaters 2 ti for almost 3years, no problems whatsoever. The extra sizes are nice for getting a perfect fit.

  3. Lots of nice stress risers there, Crank Brothers changed the axle design when they brought out the latest version because of this problem.

  4. These look Very nice indeed. But last time I checked there is no Mil-Spec for pedal spindle designs or the material they’re made from…?

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