bikerumor pic of the day stradalli bike in dupont, wa

Photo submitted by Adam Finn Tate in Dupont, WA.

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  1. Are there no limits on the number of spacers that can placed under the stems? I see so many bicycles out there with large stacks of spacers. Every carbon fork that I have assembled has a recommend height of spacers. Let alone the fit questions this brings up.

  2. The only question is why people get their knickers all twisted about how other folks run their stems and the number of spacers they use. Was this case when people used quill stems? I don’t remember it as such. Given that with few exceptions, most manufacturers provide a smaller–sometimes much so–number of frames, it should be pretty obvious that there will be folks who require more spacers than others. So long as the number of spacer don’t exceed what the fork manufacturer recommends, who cares? One things for certain, unless you own the fork in question or have intimate knowledge of it, you have no idea what the max amount of spacers is. It’s no wonder roadies are considered snobs.

  3. Seat appears to be all of the way back on the rails. Seat to handlebar height looks right, but both to tall though. My guess frame is too small for rider. Built to make it “fit”.

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