SRAM pART Project Velo VillageSRAM has a new batch of art they’re auctioning for the pART project, a program that gives artists a bunch of fancy materials to work with and supports a good cause.

Here’s how it panned out: In late 2011, SRAM sent 22 artists in Velo Village, British Columbia boxes of bicycle components to make into artwork. Each box contained 100 fresh SRAM bits. Now, all the finished pieces are being auctioned to support World Bicycle Relief, a charity that gives bikes to people in Third World Countries.

The piece on the left is the Stool-a-Cycle – “a place to sit for that after ride beer” – by Luke Hart-Weller. Place bids and check out the full collection including rats, sheep, birds and more at SRAM’s website. Auctioning will take place from June 21st to 23rd online.



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