BioLogic Android smartphone bicycle handlebar mount for Samsung Galaxy SII HDT Desire EVO Inspire and Sensation phones

For those non-iphone toting cyclists that realize their rides don’t count unless it’s on Strava, BioLogic is now offering four bicycle handlebar mounts for various Android-based smartphones.

Using a single outer mount and shell, there are four distinct silicone liners molded to hold each phone in place and provide a bit of shock absorption. They’re available for:

  • Samsung Galaxy SII
  • HTC Desire HD / HTC EVO 4G / HTC Inspire 4G
  • Samsung Galaxy S / LG Optimus 2X
  • HTC Sensation

Retail is $45 for the case and $10 each for the liner. They’re designed to allow full use of the power and volume buttons, and it pivots 360°. Click through for video with more details…


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