Already known for their cycling shoes that don’t look like cycling shoes, DZR is upping the ante with their new Task Collection of performance riding shoes. Billed as a higher performance line of cycling sneakers compared to the shoes they currently offer, the Task Collection retains its incognito street cred by integrating skate shoe styling into a performance SPD shoe.

Just how do you make a sneaker with higher performance? For starters, all of the Task shoes feature a reinforced, co-molded shank which keeps the shoe from flexing around the pedal, transferring as much energy as possible to the drivetrain. Combine this with a padded upper and velcro straps to lock your foot in place, and you have a shoe that rides a lot more serious than it looks – which is the point right?

Check out the Task Collection’s 6 initial different styles and colors after the break.


There are two versions of a midtop, the Mamba and the Mamba X. The Mamba is made with a rugged PU coated suede, whereas the Mamba X is listed as a steal blue all Vegan Midtop. Both versions are engineered with asymmetrical padding around the ankle for better protecting, but minimal crank rub. $142

The Link steps in for the high top duties. Again, there are two colorways with the Lime on the right and the Charcoal on the left which also happens to be a Vegan shoe.  The Link also features a robust suede eye-stay and heel counter. Charcoal – $120, Lime – $142

Last but not least, is the Dice low. The Dice Tan is made with a distressed full grain leather, will continue to look better with a little age, while the black on black low is made of a light weight PU synthetic that dries quickly and is once again Vegan friendly. Dice Black – $114, Dice Tan – $162 (real leather)

Check out DZR’s site for more info.



  1. @MC

    Yo Girl, check their website. They make some really sick womens shoes. Also, who cares if a shoe is labeled as “Mens.” If you like it, buy it.

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