Ratio Tacto seatpost and integrated seatmast with full carbon slide rail

Ratio has just introduced their new Tacto seatpost in both standard and integrated seatmast versions. Both use hi-mod carbon, titanium screws and offer adjustable setback from 18mm to 30mm and +/- 15° of tilt angle adjustment. Yes, the photo shows a 12mm indicator line, but their spec sheets indicate 18mm as the minimum offset.

The unique feature on both is the full carbon fiber “truck” that slides on the rail to change offset.

On the integrated model, you get a wedge system to hold the base in your frame then a mast with nine 3mm carbon spacer rings to adjust height. Weight is 173g and total length is up to 190mm. Other than being able to save a smidgen of weight if you don’t need all the spacers, we’re not convinced this is the most elegant solution, but, hey, different strokes. 31.6 diameter only.

The standard post comes in 31.6 (250, 300, 350 and 400mm), 30.9 (400mm) and 27.2 (280 and 350mm). Claimed weight is 185g for the 31.6x350mm.


  1. This might be unique or innovative to the kids who write for bikerumour, but alloy road seatposts 30 years ago had adjustable offset with sliding cradles that held the saddle rails in the same position.

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