Slik graphics is a UK based company which sells high quality protective vinyl stickers for your mountain bike. They also produce semi-custom and completely custom decals for a wide range of components. The decals are printed on “moto” vinyl.

They offer sticker kits for the last two generations of Saint cranks. You can select a custom color to match your frame, which will add an extra level of bling to your next build, and prevent dreaded shoe scuffs. At £5.99 it may be the cheapest bling on your bike.

The companies offerings don’t stop there. 

They also produce decals for Fox, Rock Shox, and Marzocchi forks. They even offer previous generation sticker kits if you prefer the look of the mid 2000s. Prices range from £9.99-19.99

The special Yeti addition decals are color matched to their famous turquoise racing livery.

Custom rim decals to show off your sponsor list? £9.99.

They recently developed a sticker kit for Leatt Braces. A kit for the Alpine Stars Bionic Neck Brace is currently being developed. MSRP is £34.99

If you're not British, don't worry, they'll stickers can be customized with your national flag.

Visit their Facebook page for more examples of their work, or head over to their website, and order your own. Shipping is free in the UK. Postage for the rest of us is calculated during checkout.




  1. I’ve ordered multiple fork kits from Slik, and the quality is nothing short of spectacular. Way thicker than factory in the case of the Fox and Rockshox decals.

  2. As with Ivan, sent them multiple emails regards getting work done and have yet to receive a response. First email approx one year ago, have stopped trying to contact them.

  3. I sent them an email in which they replied(18-24months ago) and then they dropped off the face of the earth. I sent them 3-5 follow up emails over the next year or so and nothing….

    A friend of mine found Spiral Graphics and they were awesome to deal with. I had some custom Dorado stickers made and the quality was A1. I’d totally recommend them.

  4. I’ve just used Slik Graphics for some ‘Rider ID Decals’ for my bike and helmet.
    I read some damning reports on here and on other sites saying that the service was shocking.
    I then read a response from the owner of the company explaining that he’d not anticipated the level of interest he’d received and being a one-man-band had been overwhemed with it all, but had taken steps to improve the situation and had a much better system in place now and is operating from new premises. (in Sweden apparently)
    I decided to give him a go and was NOT disappointed at all. Quite the opposite in fact.
    I ordered on the website on the 14th, paid with PayPal and recieved confirmation of the order immediately (both from Slik and PayPal).
    On the 15th I received an email to tell me the decals had been shipped.
    On the 16th I received the decal sheet and I’m 100% happy with the whole experience.
    Maybe you should give this guy a 2nd chance 😉

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