Canfield Brothers has just released their super-thin Crampon Ultimate flat pedals. From the Press Release:

With the Crampon Ultimate Pedals from Canfield Brothers, you effectively lower your bottom bracket by 8mm/.25″ while raising your pedal clearance by the same. Never snag the front edge of your pedal again! These one of a kind pedals also allow for more efficient pedaling by allowing you to lean back and push through the normal “dead spots” at the top and bottom of your pedal stroke. The thinnest pedal platforms on the market also allow for more balance and stability because you are standing on the side of the spindles instead of the top.

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  • Bearings: 1 – DU bushing, 2 – sealed cartridge bearings each
  • Axle: Cromoly
  • Thinness: 6-17mm
  • Platform: 101mm wide x 106mm
  • 340 gm with pins
  • Available in black, red, blue, orange, gold, and purple.


The Ultimate’s retail for $150.

A magnesium version of the Crampon Ultimates is also in the works. Expect weights to be as low as 280 grams when they’re released later this year.

The original Crampon pedals are still available. Price has dropped to $120 and weight w/ pins is a respectable 395 gm.

Head to their website to pick up your own set.



  1. I have a set of the original Crampon pedals, best flat pedals I have ever used. I can’t wait to get a set of the Ultimates.

  2. Shame that there dont seem to be any pictures where you can actually see where the thick and thin parts are. So many of these super thin pedals seem to be goofy shapes rather than genuinely flat, or even better, concave.

  3. “…you effectively lower your bottom bracket by 8mm/.25?…”

    This is not true. You have to compare the pedal/shoe/cleat combination. A clipless pedal does not require a squishy sole for the pedal pins to sink into. Stack height is what is important, not just one piece.

    I guess the great thing about sites like this is that manufacturers can count on editors that will repeat whatever BS they put into their press releases.

  4. @craigsj: The shoe doesn’t apply here. Their claim of 8mm has to come from some other pedal. But what pedal? There’s no standard in this case so their claim is hogwash marketing.

  5. I can effectively raise my bottom bracket my 8mm by taking a satisfying poop. Pedals look dope..Hogwash marketing and all!

  6. “one of a kind” geez, not unlike every other flat pedal already out there and much cheaper for the same thing…lol

  7. 8mm is about a 1/4″. The platform is lower than the outside diameter of the spindle. I can’t tell if it’s 8mm lower, but I don’t think that claim is b.s.

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