Profile Designs Altair aero wheels get UCI approval for non-standard wheels category

Profile Design has received UCI approval for all of their wheels in the non-standard category. That classification includes most lustworthy wheels nowadays and includes anything with a 2.5cm or taller rim, fewer than 16 spokes and/or spokes that are thicker than 2.4mm. For Profile, this means the The Altair 52 & 80 Semi Carbon Clincher, Altair 52 & 80 Full Carbon Clincher, Altair 52 & 80 Tubular and Armada 24 all get the thumbs up for road and track competitions.

The Colavita ESPN W women’s pro team is currently racing them, plus a number of triathletes around the world. Conveniently, their press release came with a link showing all non-standard wheels approved for UCI sanctioned races. Happy reading.


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