Whisky Parts Co 45mm offset carbon rigid bladed 29er fork

Rigid 29er fans have a new fork option from Whisky Parts Co. A new 45mm offset option joins the original 39mm offset. Also called “rake”, a fork’s offset is measured as the horizontal distance between the center of the axle and the steering axis – a line drawn downward through the center of the steerer tube. Generally speaking, more offset trail lends a more stable ride but makes handling feel a bit more sluggish. More offset reduces trail, making a quicker handling bike. Check out this article for more on rake, trail, etc.

WPCo says their round rigid forks have a bit more fore-aft give, and these bladed forks are stiffer. They’re available in gloss and matte, tapered steerer only. Axle to crown is 470mm.


  1. Hi Tyler–just a quick correction–increasing the rake of a fork typically reduces the trail for a given bicycle. Decreased trail usually results in a quicker feeling bicycle because the amount of torque that a rider must apply to the handlebars decreases. Increased trail is the main component of Trek’s G2 geometry, which requires forks with increased rake (which decreases trail).

  2. Ditto above, more offset decreases trail, which in turn increases agility. 29er G2 forks increased offset (from 39mm/45mm to 51mm), which made the trail more in line with modern 26ers. In turn this allows slacker head angles on 29ers (again like modern 26ers), without them feeling like you’re turning a barge/truck.

    I want a full carbon, tapered steerer, 15QR, 51mm offset rigid fork. Meh.

  3. I wish someone would make a rigid carbon mtn bike fork with a 1″ steer and disk brake mounts. I’d love to convert my Klein Rascal into a SS w/ a carbon rigid fork up front. Oh well!

    As Jonathan mentioned, Whiskey really needs to add a 15mm QR option.

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