Just watch it. The first trail segment will make you want to leave work early and find some flow.

Katy Winton sets out to show you that women can shred. Saddle up and the xc rider still rips the technical terrain of Innerleithen on her hardtail.

Tom Villarreal hit the streets of Los Angeles and a few other locales to bang out this edit for Madera. Its filled with fun lines and a few spins around a fountain.


  1. Damn. That rider has some incredible skills, especially the first section.

    But am I the only one who wishes that companies and sponsored riders could be a little more responsible about trail building/riding?

    Sure, lets encourage the groms and the emulators to go out with DH bikes and ride down the fall line of a drainage. Another couple seasons and it’ll be a chunked up rock pile, and we’ll go find another pristine drainage to ruin.

    Here’s my suggestion – get IMBA or other reputated trail builders to help out with these hucker videos – then we can get rad and have the trails to get rad on for years to come (and not piss off the environmentalist types)

  2. @dayton, absolutely agree, all these dirt slash videos are just giving guys excuses to potentially get bikes banned or restricted due to reckless riding.

  3. And another agreement; lots of dirt and foliage flying; if the drain-a-can-in-10-seconds start wasn’t bad enough (beer? am I wrong?), the gross disrespect for the environment is a really rotten thing to celebrate.

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