In Cog Multi Tool HandlebarsThe InCOG Biketool is a new product by industrial designer Joshua Brassé, not in production yet but available for pre-order. Built to suit bars ranging from drops to flats, InCog claims “to fit the majority of handlebars”, but no detailed specs are provided.

Pictured above, the left tool gets all the bits – hex, torque torx, phillips. The tool on the right gets tire patches, a tire multitool, patch glue, and a brake roughing pad. After shoving the kit in the handlebars, the built-in bar ends fasten tight with a separate tool. Price is $60 and full details are on the website.

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In Cog Multi Tool Handlebars Bits Version 2
Updated tool kit now available with 5mm Hex and 6mm Torx

In Cog Multi Tool Handlebars Tire Repair

In Cog Multi Tool Handlebars in Bars


  1. Chris, that’s the first thing I noticed! And I’ve never heard of Torx being measured in mm… usually just T-25, T-10, etc… I feel like this’ll also throw the balance of the bar off…

  2. I kinda like the idea of this. It would be good for a commuter/city bike. I wouldn’t use it for a mtb or road/race bike though. If it makes ANY rattling noise inside, that’s a deal breaker.
    The big problem I see is the separate special tool to tighten down the caps. That just seems like an oxymoron. Something more discreet looking with a flathead slot (so a coin or key would work) would be much better. Lastly it needs a 5mm and maybe a tire lever.

    @Seneb: traditional patches will work on tires as well as tubes, glueless won’t work on tires and rarely work well on tubes.

  3. Looks like a good idea with terrible execution. No 5mm? COME ON! But the 6mm elbow is clearly for tightening your seatpost clamp when a straight 6mm just won’t do.
    But in all seriousness, I’m genuinely surprised that there isn’t a bottle opener!

  4. Definitely looks likes its been designed by a product designer who doesn’t actually ride bikes. No 5mm? Excuse me? The most common size found on bikes! And 4mm torque? And what are you supposed to use to drive the hex bits and get torque behind them?
    No glueless patches? Who uses separate patches and glue these days? And metal tyre lever? no thanks.
    I think like Naton said, sound idea with really poor execution. I don’t think the handlebars are the most suitable place for this given the limited internal diameter, why not in a seat tube? You could get a chain tool in there easily!

  5. Thanks for all your feedback guys. As mentioned on the product page, one of the great things about the InCOG is that you can customize it to your needs, with the bits being easily swap-able at your local hardware store.

    That being said, the product is still in the preorder stage on ideacious, which leaves enough time for us to modify the specifications – this is something we do quite often and is part of the reason the ideacious platform is built the way it is. We will probably be swapping the 4mm Torx (that slipped by our editors) with a 5mm Hex due to popular demand.

    Gillis – The bit holders/pouches are specifically designed to avoid any rattling. As for the key, it was one of the things we went back and forth on for sometime, when the product goes into production we may offer both options (unique key and coin slot).

    Matt – if you see the other images on the product page you will notice that the InCOG incorportates a handle and driver.

  6. Hi Josh, thanks for replying. I see there is a driver at the end of the unit, but will you get enough torque from this for applications like the brake mounts, stem clamp etc? I think you need the bit at 90 degrees to the handle to achieve this

  7. The Elbow+Extender included in the kit is intended to provide the extra torque you would need when you’re dealing with brake mounts and the stem clamp etc. We will be conducting extensive prototyping and testing once the product approaches the preorder goal (before it goes into production) – based on how that goes we may include a 90 degree angle.

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