Stealth Bomber E-BikeThe new Bomber by Stealth Electric Bikes looks ready to take on an army, by force. A visual beast of a bike, it’ll be street legal in America unlike the snazzy Specialized Turbo e-Bike.

Two top speeds are offered – street legal USA mode (20mph) and Competition mode (50mph). USA mode gives it 750 watts of power while Competition mode juices out 4,500 watts. Built as a mountain bike with a long travel suspension, conquering terrain shouldn’t prove problematic. Unlike the trick oriented carbon Audi x Ducati e-Bike, this thing looks ready to take a beating.

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Stealth Bomber E-Bike TopThe frame is constructed from Cro-mo alloy. With the battery lodged in the frame, a changeover is advertised as taking less than 90 seconds with extra batteries sold separately. Each battery lasts about 50 miles and charges in 2 hours.

180mm of front travel on the fork and 250mm rear travel give it the same geometry as a free ride bike. Offered is a fork upgrade from 180mm to 200mm on the front for a more downhill geometry.

Stealth Bomber E-Bike Cockpit

Standard on the bike are hydraulic 6 pot brakes upgradeable to 8 pot. A 9 speed sequential gear box is linked to a grip shifter. Fat Duro Razorback tires make it ideal for trails downhill and freeride bikes can handle.

Stealth Bomber E-BIke Drive

Sold in grey, black, white, green, red, orange, yellow, and blue the Stealth Bomber retails at $9,900 standard with many optional upgrades.

Check out full specs here.


  1. Cool now I can get mowed down by some fat fred on my local trails that are already being threatened by track homes.

  2. Get over yourselves, it’s an off-road moped. Relevant because it’s built like a dh/freeride/am/trail bike and utilizes a lot of mountain bike parts. When I’m too old to pedal all the way up I’ll probably get one. So in 40 years or so this will be pretty rad.

  3. Just look at the angle of the brake levers. That should show that whoever set it up knows nothing about downhill, or mt. biking in general. At over one hundred pounds you better hope the battery doesn’t run out of juice. I sure wouldn’t want to pedal the beast. As an electric motorcycle it’s an interesting idea. As a bike I would call it the Stealth Bomb Hole because that’s what you’re going to get when it impacts on a soft landing.

  4. Man, tough crowd!
    Personally, I’d love to have a go of this thing. Sure, it weighs a bit more than a mountain bike, but it has got an engine… Sub 100kg motocross bikes feel feather light when you’re on them, so it’s all relative I guess.
    I really respect small companies going out on a limb and pushing new technology; like it or not, e-bikes are the future, and companies that try (an possibly fail) to move forward are the pioneers. This may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s really interesting to see what’s out there, so keep up these reports, Bike Rumour.

  5. Granted this is not my cup of tea but given half the chance I would take this thing out for a test spin in a heart beat. I would gamble to say not only would most of the haters jump at the chance to ride it but it would bring a smile to their face when they did. Not saying a 10k smile….

  6. I would say its more of an electric motorcycle, with pedals to get through the legal loopholes. I still think its cool and would love to ride one, but cant see them mixing well with regular mountain bikes on multi use trails. Perhaps for downhill specific trails where a shuttle or chairlift arent available?

  7. It’s a bike and an awesome one at that. If you review Stealth website it contains top manufacturers across the board. Brakes, forks, suspension all high end. The frame is built from a material that can sustain abuse and hold up the extra weight. Lifetime Warranty on the Frame and Swing Arm.

    9 Speed Gear Box by Suntour
    Marzocchi Forks
    Magura Brakes

    I’m in love with idea of going down hills and having the power to pedal back up. More runs for sure. No lift lines, no walking. Better speeds where I need them.

    I guess if you’re looking for a bike with a basket this is not it.

    These guys have the right idea. Nice work.

  8. I have Bomber and I love it. Of course you can buy a motor cycle, but then you’re just another motor cycle on or off the road. I live in Northern California, so I use it for cross country riding throughout Napa Valley , commute around the City and taken my Bomber on CalTrain to ride down the peninsula …..You can do that with a motorcycle. It was well worth the purchase.

  9. I rode one just the other day…. I hardly noticed the weight (it’s no heavier than a fat dude on a DH bike), but I did notice the awesome speed, plush suspension, mind blowing acceleration out of corners and all of that in total silence. No motorcycle can offer you that kind of experience. No wonder the Army want them. Just like riding my mtb but a lot more fun. Now I can’t sleep because I’m hanging for my next ride.

    Ride one and then lets see your comments.

  10. Awesome electric gizmo bike! The infamous tricycles here in the Philippines ( used for the poor who cannot travel the dirt roads in most provinces here) are hideous and sooooo primitive—I hope one day they will all VANISH and let these super mountain/electric bikes prevail —-

  11. Are you negative guys all crackheads??? I bought a bomber and it is clearly the best purchase I have ever made. I save a fortune on petrol because I don’t need to drive anywhere now. This puppy goes anywhere and everywhere in total style and without a sound. Extremely well build. Loads of grunt and the buzz of riding never wears off ( unlike the buzz from your crackpipe). Awesome bikes. End of story

  12. This thing is addictive! I originally bought it to be used as a motorpacing derny and as a sparring partner on the velodrome but ended up riding it a lot on the road. I now do most of my commutes to and from training events as well. This thing is so versatile. It can do the work of a bicycle and motorcycle. So don’t knock it til you’ve tried it.

    Josiah Ng
    2 time Olympian and London bound

  13. I have a Stealth Fighter. Awesome bikes! I use it to commute to work nearly everyday. Gets me there in roughly the same time as my car, I’m not sweaty, I’ve had a bit of exercise, but most importantly I’m grinning like the Cheshire cat every time. Mitty, I’ve pedaled it 6 miles unassisted and it really wasn’t that bad. Do you have evidence of your soft landing comment? There are videos out there that prove otherwise. Rob I’m guessing you work for the competition;) Guys, take one for a test ride. If you aren’t smiling (even a little bit) when you finished I will be genuinely surprised.

  14. Dude these bikes are Gnarly fast. Have you guys checked the out on u tube or any of the other video sites? I need one now please.

  15. I love the stealth ebikes. never seen one irl but was thinking of buying one. then i decided to save money by making an ebike with 4Kw instead of 3Kw (fighter) check my project:

    Anyway i want an electric comuter that can rip it up off road, but just cant justify $8k sorry stealth, mad respect. australian quality is awsome, but you gota pay for it. 1 thing to consider is weight is high cos range is high, batterys could be shed or subed for lighter weight.
    btw scooter? dont you need a step through for that? and a vesper puts out 1.7kw, theese would be about 85% efficient at 4.5Kw so 3.825Kw OUTPUT, 2.25 times more power.

  16. I’ve owned this bike (bomber) for 3 months and I’ve gotta say this thing rips. It’s a rich mans toy for sure but if you can at least try one out you’ll like it.

  17. I sold my Bomber – cannot go in the rain, the cost of replacing the battery and controller was ridiculous. No support from Stealth. Buyer beware…

  18. I too am considering buying a Bomber, I have read they are fine in rain and talked to a few dealers who said Stealths support is really good. I’d also like more feedback as well!

  19. Since my last post I did manage to find a great used Bomber,WOW, it really does rip!!!! Am I happy with it,yes!
    As many have said,it will bring a smile to your face and you get from point A to point B with out killing yourself and not soaking with sweat! There are downsides for sure,the cost to buy and if and when you need certain parts but that’s the cost for doing anything in life in my book!
    Ride one then most people will shut up!!!!!!

  20. Just put my order in for a 2015 bomber in white. This will be the longest 2 mo’s ever waiting for the aussie craftsmen to build it and ship it via boat AHHH!

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