Quarterre Branchline Bike Rack Two BikesDesigned and made in England from sustainably sourced bamboo, the Quarterre Branchline bike rack is more than just bike storage. It’s a piece of artwork, I think. At least the price says so. For £930 (by my calculations $1500) it can be in your home.

Measuring 2070mm tall,  370mm wide, and 495mm deep it’ll hold two bikes like the 2012 Charge Mixer pictured. Each holding area is hand-finished in leather. The arms can can be adjusted vertically on the frame with what look to be low-profile bicycle skewers.

Quarterre also offers some cheaper, though just as fashionable, alternatives if the Branchline isn’t up to your budget. Offered are a folded steel single floor rack – the Shadow –  and single wall rack – the Hood – that knock off at least half the price of the Branchline. Check out the Branchline at Quarterre’s website.

Click ‘more’ for images of Quarterre’s Branchline…


Quarterre Branchline Bike RackQuarterre Branchline Bike Rack Without Bikes



  1. Probably would have looked better if the “quick” releases, were crafted from wood or leather like the supports, otherwise, quite smexy, buy very expensive…. a little bit too expensive…

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