Gotham Bicycle Defense tail light concept Defender

Gotham Bicycle Defense, the makers of the six-gun-looking bike light we featured a while back, are prepping a tail light to go with it.

This time, however, they’re letting you vote on the design. Above is the Defender concept (my favorite) that matches the aesthetic of the front. Two more are posted after the jump. They’re chronicling the process of design, funding and building the new tail light on, where you can vote for your favorite among the three. The headlight was crowd funded, this one will have a bit of crowd design…

Gotham Bicycle Defense tail light concept Afterburner

Above, the Afterburner. Below, the Predator.

Gotham Bicycle Defense tail light concept Predator


  1. I just wanted to note that while all of these designs are cool, the bike seat pole on my bike is unusually sloped, so these lights would be pointing more towards the ground. All of these designs appear to be fixed to be perpendicular to what they attach to. Any possible design that has an adjustable angle?

  2. As with their last design, there seems to an emphasis of form before function and doesn’t indicate a clear PDS statement in the background. Two obvious things that jump out with a quick look are; no notion of angle adjustablility and poor side visibility – lets get the saving lives bit nailed first.

What do you think?