Santa Cruz Nomad updated with 142x12 rear thru axle and revised grease port angles

One forum-hunting reader (thanks Erik!) sent over this image of an apparently updated Santa Cruz Nomad with a new 142×12 rear thru axle. Word is it’ll also get the revised grease port angles on the lower pivot to move them out of harms way, like on the current Tallboy LT and such.

Looks like they’re sticking with the IS mount rear brake tabs rather than post mount, something SC has made clear they like because of the simplicity in replacing an adapter versus ripping out threads.

UPDATE: Yep, it’s official, and the new frames are shipping now. It’s a rolling change made largely to satisfy consumer demand. Santa Cruz marketing man Mike Ferrentino told us it’s not so much a performance enhancement as it is something people wanted and, given the prevalence of wheels with that axle standard now available, there seemed no harm in giving the people what they wanted. But wait, there’s more…

The Nomad carbon now gets their offset lower link, too. This allows better clearance for more chainrings and/or bash guards, same as on some of their other newer bikes. And yes, the grease port nipples are placed facing inward to prevent damage.

A bit of a surprise, the Tallboy Carbon (regular, not just the new LT) is now shipping with 142×12 thru axle rear ends also! The alloy Nomad and Tallboy continue to use standard QR dropouts.


  1. only a year ago they told us via their blog that they don’t see the upside of 142 in their designs/appreciate the quicker wheel changes. now all that sounds misleading for that time. what’s the deal?

  2. I can confirm that the carbon nomad has a 142 x 12. I ordered one a few weeks ago thinking it would be 135 x 12 but SC decided to change and now I have to wait another three weeks until they get the right size wheels in. Major buzzkill!

  3. I read on a forum that they don’t actually believe it to be that much of an improvement, it’s mostly because ‘that’s what everyone else is doing’. Their rear suspension design doesn’t need a thru axle, but if a standard seems to be developing, they are going to be apart of it.

  4. Hi, I have changed my Carbon Nomad frame for the 1st generation which runs a 135mm quick release rear end to the new Carbon Nomad which runs the 142×12 rear end. I also have the same wheels as in your photo which are the Mavic crossmax sx 2011. How do i convert these wheels to fit my new frame, your help would be much appreciated. Thanks.


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