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Hammacher Schlemmer is out with a rearview camera to compete with Cerevellum’s Hindsight. Though it may be the epitome of visual bulk, Hammacher’s Bicycle Rearview Camera can be picked up for a tad cheaper than the tech-loaded Cerevellum. It retails at $180 compared to Cerevellum’s $299.

Hammacher’s Bicycle Rearview Camera doesn’t provide any fancy tech, instead fulfilling only the basic promise – a screen that shows what’s behind you. A quick-release 3.5 inch LCD monitor mounts to the handlebar (up to 1 1/4″ diameter) with a cable that runs to the camera. Surrounding the camera, a light-sensitive circular pattern of red LED lights flash when the sun goes down.

It’s said to be fully weather and vibration-resistant. Run time is 10 hours and it’ll charge to full in two hours. Click ‘more’ to see up-close pictures…

Hammacher Rearview Camera

Hammacher Rearview Camera Light Combo

Pick the Bicycle Rearview Camera up for $180 at Hammacher Schlemmer’s website.


  1. top mount levers!

    I aways thought these were a great piece of kit because as you moved the rh lever, the whole mounting moved, thereby automatically trimming the front mech

    3t bars and stem with a very neat job on the Benotto tape


    (was there something about a dorky technical innovation I may have missed?)

  2. Sorry guys, maybe next time. I’d NEVER attach anything looking like this thing to my bike. That thing is just awful.

  3. This will go perfect with my:

    Garmin Edge 500, 800 and or any Forerunner w/ bike mount kit
    Nite Rider Pro 3000
    Delta Smart Phone Caddy
    Sunlite Bento Box
    Steertube Extender
    Go Pro HD Hero 2
    Handlebar Mirrors

    (Attention: If you have 3 or more of these accessories currently on your bike; sell your bike, play golf, get a gym membership, give up, you suck.)

  4. haters are gonna hate, but for someone that uses their bike for transportation and not just exercise, having a screen to see what’s behind you sounds like a pretty good idea, especially if you are riding in city streets, urban areas or bike paths with a lot of traffic.

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