Photo submitted by djvira of his bike tour through the Andes Mountains. Click through for the more scenic views!

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  1. Thanks for the publication. We are the argentinians cyclists of this amazing travel:
    Gonzalo Viramonte (djvira, 26); Fernando Cano (28); Juan Cruz Reyna (35); Pablo Gareca (50); Ricardo Iglesias(33); Luis Corres (51); Hector Oscar Rodriguez (54); Luciano Cano (26); Esteban Las Penas (25).
    Trip statistics:
    from: Jachal, San Juan, ARGENTINA. (1200 meters above sea level)
    To: La Serena, CHILE. (0 meters above sea level)
    Distance: 600 kms. aprox.
    max altitude: 4800 meters above sea level
    Time travel on bikes: 7 days
    min temperature: -12 celsius
    max. temperatur: 35 celsius

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