This commercial is a dream within a dream. At first Matthew Busche, a sponsored Spy athlete and 2011 U.S. National Road Race Champion, is out on a wicked training ride when he envisions himself hitting some sweet and tacky trails. Stunt double Mike Montgomery, a professional free rider, steps into a sleek bib and clips in for the rest.

My best guess is that he’s riding a specialized TriCross. Can’t tell for sure, but the clip is definitely worth watching.


  1. @JC

    The majority of cycling sites have this video up. The difference is we chose to write our own blurb and not copy and paste the press release verbatim like everyone else.

  2. From Pinkbike (a site who makes bike rumor look silly sometimes):
    Mike Montgomery did the actually flip, “The idea seemed pretty crazy at first,” explains Montgomery, who is a pro at doing similar tricks on freestyle mountain bikes built to take abuse from hard landings.”Right up until moments before cameras began rolling, we weren’t sure if I was going to break the frame or taco the tire. The bike Specialized made for me held up perfectly on flips, super flips and spins. It was fun making this commercial with SPY, and I think people are going to really trip out when they see it.”

  3. That’s a fun video. Who cares if another site posted it first? I’ve never heard of VITALMTB, so I’m glad it was posted here. I don’t get why some people are such dicks with their comments. If you’re unhappy with BR not being the first to post everything (impossible, in case you forgot), then stay away.

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