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While it has worked so far, I decided to go in a different direction when it came time to update the contact information on my Road ID Wrist ID Elite.  As temperatures have gone from wintery to downright hot, the wide silicone band has been on the warm side.  More importantly, I’ve been spending more time on our mountains’ rough and rocky trails and the weight added by the Elite’s stainless deployment clasp has caused the ID to rattle around more than I’d like.  When I saw that a new Wrist ID Slim would cost $1 less than a replacement ID Tag for the Wrist ID Elite, the decision to give the smallest Road ID a try was easy. Cross the line for my thoughts…

Available in seven colors and four sizes, ths Wrist ID Slim relies on the stretch of its silicone material rather than a heavy/bulky closure when being pulled on and off.  Sizing using Road ID’s guidance was easy and accurate and shipping (via USPS) was fast and surprisingly inexpensive.  Getting my medium band past my L/XL hands can be a bit of a struggle, but the band doesn’t seem to be suffering as a result.

On the trail, the Wrist ID Slim is noticeably–or more accurately not noticeably–more comfortable than the Wrist ID Elite.  The Slim’s smaller ID Tag does sport somewhat smaller text than other RoadID models, and a line less of it, but I was still easily able to get the important info engraved and its all perfectly legible.

My only concern with the Wrist ID Slim is that, when its needed most, the Road ID will be disregarded by first responders as just another ’cause’ bracelet.  This is compounded by the fact that the weight of its ID Tag often pulls that tag out of sight.  That said, the fact that I’m more likely to wear it on the trail or during hot weather makes the $16 Wrist ID Slim a better option than its big brother.  The fact that it’s just over half the price is an added bonus.



  1. Bought an original Fixx years ago then got the Wrist Interactive. I didn’t like the feel or look of the Wrist ID so I got a another Fixx Interactive with a silicone bumper. Wear it all the time and don’t notice it there. Figure I’m more likely to get in a car or motorcycle accident than a bike crash. Also did not like having personal information where someone else can see it on my wrist.

  2. Why are you even taking the band off. Had mine for about 2 years and never remove it, no need. Would like a version with duel color band so that the medic logo could be included in the silicone for added visibility.

  3. @MTB,

    pic is blurry, but it looks like an old Ringle cage – circa 1993. They pop up on ebay a lot, but th 3D Violet ones seem to draw the most cash.

  4. When I saw the options for a Road ID it was a no brainer. Why wear a bulky watch-like id? (unless you’re gonna wear it on your ankle). When I wear the slim id i know its there but it’s otherwise forgettable–like it should be. I wear it riding and skateboarding. I did get it in red with the thought/hope that a first responder might take more notice to it and look at it sooner.

  5. Armand, pet tags are cheap but you get exactly what you pay for. Personally if I’m unconscious, I want EMS to have quick & easy access to my blood type, what drugs I’m allergic to or currently taking, any medical conditions I may have, insurance information, anything else you want or need to put on the site for them to see. If you are critically injured the time difference between knowing and having to figure out these things might just be the difference between living & dying. $9.99 a year is cheap insurance to me. I also think Doug’s idea of molding the medic logo in is a great idea.

  6. MTB & UglyYeti,
    The frame is a Tomac Flint 29er (last year’s model, with the EBB)- it handles great and (thanks in part to Syntace’s new HiFlex post) is a blast to ride. The cage is an early ’90s Ringle H20 cage in 3D Violet. Stuff that I always wanted when I started riding 🙂

    Doug & Huffman,
    I agree- a contrasting caduceus (word of the day!) would be a great addition. I’ve passed it on to RoadID.


  7. @Mark & MTB – I still have two pair of those cages in 3DV and turquoise. Bought the 3DVs in ’93 and the turqs in ’94.

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