Sea Otter is a spectacle filled with so much awesome the coverage could literally never end. Here’s a few juicy components I wish adorned some of my bicycles.

This new MRP Bling Ring allows you to run an ultra small chain ring. The design utilizes SRAMs spline system to bypass the limited range offered by traditional chain rings. Normal chain rings in the middle position, utilized by the majority of single speed rigs, are limited by the bolt circle diameter to no smaller than a 32. With the bling ring riders can choose from a 28,30,32,34, and 36 tooth setup. The guide is a modified G2 Micro SL.

This set up opens up whole new options for riders such as dirt jumpers, who can micro drive their rigs without having to run BMX components.


Answer new prototype carbon 20/20 bar was designed with input from 24 hour single speed national champion Evan Plews. The mustache bar is 720mm wide, has a 20° sweep, and is 220 g light. It can also be flipped for ±20mm rise. Fingers crossed that it makes it into production.

Their standard bar utilizes a 4° up sweep and 8° back sweep. Answer also a line of custom bars. The company has a proprietary method for interrupting the anodizing process and fusing custom graphics into the “pores of the anodic coating.” This process seals the pores of the coating the same way it would be sealed had the part been a solid color and won’t peel or flake. The bars look stunning and if you order 250 – you can design your own!

anwer protaper 780 carbon scale shot

The new ProTaper 780 carbon tips the sale at 253 g (3g more than claimed) which doesn’t make it the lightest bar on the market, but it is deliberately overbuilt to withstand the demands of aggressive all mountain and downhill riders.


A lot of riders have been swapping out their trusty 50mm stems for even shorter 35mm setups.  The Spank stem is available in a multitude of colors to meet that demand. The 35 mm weighs 135 g and the 50 mm weights 150 g. MSRP is $69.95 USD.

All Spank stems come with these sweet top caps.

Also on display was the newly revamped all mountain oriented Oozy Stem. The single “sex bolt” has been replaced with the more traditional two bolt design.

Do you miss scratch and sniff stickers? The companies signature grips are available in a variety of colors and scents.

The 55 g Tweet Tweet sprockets aren’t new to the Spank line up, but I loved the attention to little detail. While the anodization between the teeth probably wont last long, and few will likely notice it – you’ll know its there and its those little details that make a fresh custom build really pop.


  1. Campagnolo were there before White Industries or Middleburn

    During their first foray into mtb components (possibly 2nd or 3rd generation), they produced a Record OR chainset which used a splined middle and inner ring

    These were compatible with the exa drive cassette spline pattern, which meant you could run a teeny tiny middle and inner ring, or have a larger bottom sprocket on your road cassette

  2. The problem with Homebrewed is that you need to order them way before you even think you will need them as his lead times are wildly unpredictable.

  3. Nobody is ridiculing scented grips because scented grips are cool…Homebrewed’s delivery times on the other hand, aren’t

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