AIRbudz EarbudsAIRBudz are an attachment for earbud headphones to make it safer cycling with jams. The design creates space between the ear canal and earbud allowing road noise to be heard while music is played.

Advertised to fit about 70% of the headphones on the market, they’re offered in large spectrum of colors in addition to black pictured above. Each package is set at $10, which will include any color offered in sizes small, medium, and large. Support the project here.

Click through the break for the Kickstarter video and a detailed picture of the AIRBudz attachment…

AIRBudz Earbud Ambient Noise Closeup


  1. You may laugh, but products that increase ones safety tend to do the best as far as new ideas go. That paired up with being compatible with major brands of electronics, they can just sell their idea to Sony or Skullcandy and laugh all the way to the bank.

  2. No. Semi-passive earphone designs do NOT “increase one’s safety.” Wearing earphones while cycling is inherently dangerous. And stupid. And selfish. And anybody who even appears to recommend listening to music through earphones while cycling is an asshole.

    -Signed, a person who spent 4 weeks in rehab from an accident caused by a distracted cyclist wearing earphones.

  3. ^ Same can be said to listening to music whilst driving, walking or anything else. Sorry to hear about your accident, but get over it. These help alot, and if you were to shout, then a cyclist would hear you easily.

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