Emotion Neo Cross Electric Assist

Now distributed in America is the Easy Motion Neo lineup by BH Bikes, based in Spain. Neo encompasses three pedal assist alu-frame bicycles – the Cross (pictured above), the City, and the Xtrem (both pictured after the break). Each bike promises a battery life of 90km. The Cross is built for trekking, with 24 gears to handle the climbs. Check out the full specs on the Cross at BH’s website.

From the Press Release: The technological systems BH designed for the E-Motion electric bikes are much more than a standard hybrid bike.  Our pedal assist bikes feature IBS systems that were created with Panasonic, and SDS to help you discover the thrust of your eBike with each pedal stroke. The maintenance free NEO bikes motor is undetectable and resides within the frame of the bike, for a cleaner and sporty appeal. Thanks to brushless technology, you can also use your Easy Motion bicycle like a regular bike without any additional resistance.

Click ‘more’ to view the City and Xtrem models…

Emotion Neo City Electric Assist

The City was build for the concrete jungle. It features classic city bike styling, together with 24 gears to make any hill a breeze, anti puncture tyres, a pannier rack and lights to keep you visible. The battery and controller are hidden in the frame keeping the bike looking stylish.

Full specs here.

Emotion Neo Xtrem Electric Assist

The Xtrem has been designed for cross country and offroad trecking. It has larger offroad tyres, to improve grip on muddy or loose terrain, 24 gears to help climb any hill and hydraulic disc brakes to make sure you can control your speed with precision.

Full specs here.


  1. “The maintenance free NEO bikes motor is undetectable and resides within the frame of the bike”, think you mean the battery, as the motor is visibly in the rear wheel hub.

  2. These are actually among the better looking ebikes out there (unobtanium like the Spesh Turbo excepted), and they look like they’d actually be reasonably practical options. The Cross and City probably shouldn’t have suspension forks, really, but Xtrem is intriguing.

  3. If I was a betting man I’d say service and warranty related to that specially shaped battery will be the Achilles Heel.
    That goes for the Turbo as well.

    good luck.

  4. I bought the BH Neo Street in January and have had difficulty with the battery losing power with anything less than a full charge and dying all together in under 10 miles. It will be interesting to see if the U.S. retailer and BH stands behind my purchase.

  5. I love riding bikes and have reach my senior years, so getting out on my bike was painful which was discouraging.

    I bought the Neo Street bike 2 days ago and I rode it 2 times!!! – Even in the rain!!! I fly up the hills now and the wind doesn’t hold me back anymore. Yea!!!! Applause!!!! I am so happy…

    I absolutely love it!!

    I am using it more than my car now…

    I learned how to use the electrical features in one day.

    Thanks to the makers and keep up the good work.

  6. To Kippi:
    I tested my bike before I left the bike store and found that it detached when I rode it. It was because the battery wasn’t locked.

    I haven’t had the problem with the battery loosing power, but I will keep your post in mind.

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