Clif Bar Panforte 20th anniversary fruit nut and spice flavor inspired by european adventures

Inspired by founder Gary Erickson’s early Italian rides and adventures, Clif Bar’s new Panforte flavor celebrates the brand’s 20th anniversary.

It’s a limited edition based on the centuries old Italian dessert recipe. Panforte dates to the 13th century and is a mix of fruits, nuts and spices in a fruitcake like treat. Gary’s version, thankfully, is less fruitcake and more Clif Bar, and it’s very tasty. So much so that we’re hoping it makes it into the regular rotation.

New flavor aside, their PR folks have been gently nudging us to recommend their chocolate flavors as a way to thank/remember/celebrate/reward your favorite mom this Sunday. Their latest reminder was a little gift box with some specific flavors and items…photo after the break.

If that’s not enough, try their Chocolate Brownie flavor Clif Bar warmed in the microwave with chocolate ice cream and whipped cream on top. Could be the ultimate recovery treat!


  1. I hope this stays on as a regular and is available in stores! It’s really annoying to find mostly the chocolate varieties in stores. Apricot is my favorite, but I have to order it online since nobody around here carries it, not even REI or Target.

  2. @Meta: They do because it’s easy to access and cheaper than most alternatives. Kind of like junk food but to each his/her own.

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