Joes No Flats Eco Sealant ammonia and latex free tubeless mountain bike tire sealant thats good for the environmentJust as we got home from Sea Otter and seeing Continental’s new Revo sealant with some of the same “green” claims, we received info on Joe’s No-Flats brand eco-friendly tire sealant, chain lubes and degreaser.

Joe’s No-Flats Eco Sealant is ammonia-, latex- and protein-free, making it safer for your, your tires and bike parts and our good friend, the earth. It claims to seal punctures up to 6mm and prevent air leakage even in lightweight tires with thin sidewalls. Where most brands stop short of recommending similar products for non-tubeless tires, Joe’s says it’ll work just fine for converting standard tube-type tires into tubeless.

They say it’ll last from 3 months to a year once in the tire depending on climate and usage conditions. Use more if you’re in hotter climates to prolong its effective period. They even say it won’t form sticky blobs inside the tire when it does dry up. This one’s designed for mountain bike tires specifically, and they offer a Road Racing Sealant for higher pressure applications.

It’s available in 120ml, 240ml and 1 liter bottles…


Joe’s Bicycle Bio-Degreaser claims to be ozone safe and safe for your bike parts. Just as good, it claims to require no scrubbing…just spray on and rinse and the gunk should go down the drain with it.

Their lubes are available in both wet and dry versions with specific road and mountain bike formulations. The wet versions are “nano technology based” that’s built on “billions of tough nano-spheres rolling on each other, acting as ball bearings on each link of the chain.” As they roll around through the chain links, they deposit a Tribofilm lubricating layer that they say adheres well through water, mud and snow.

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