hutchinson cougar and cobra 650b 27-5 mountain bike tires and more coming in 2012

While Hutchinson wasn’t showing anything brand new at Sea Otter, they did mention that two of their treads -Cobra and Cougar- were being developed in 650B / 27.5 sizes for mid-2012 release. Following up with them after the show, we learned that they’ll be offering two or three additional existing treads in that size and possibly a new semi-slick XC racing pattern in a narrow 2.1 or 2.2 size. They’ve exhibited at PressCamp in June in the past, so perhaps they’ll be showing new stuff then.


  1. Just for grins I went out and measured the diameter of a front tire on a 21″ motocross tire (which never gets stuck in a hole) and sure enough it’s…..27.5″

  2. Some of the other Tire Companies, better start learning how to implement change faster and get things to market quicker. The 650b thing is going to take off.
    Companies that can move quickly to develop new product will get all the money.

  3. 650b will be know as the better 26″. Other than dirtjumpers and Dhers, 650 can do anything that 26″ can do.. and better. Watch, it’s coming in a big way.

  4. cjeder – Sorry, no (not yet, anyway), should have clarified. The tires shown are 26″ just as a tread pattern reference. They didn’t have any 650B stuff on display, but we expect to see some this summer.

  5. Still not seeing anything 650b on the Hutchinson website, and the site does not have a “search” window so I couldn’t find any information o their site. Also, is the “Cougar” tread pattern new for Hutchinson? It’s not on their website either.

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