3T Integra carbon fiber road bike stem with integrated garmin cycling computer mount

3T’s Integra stem debuted at Eurobike last year with an integrated front cap designed around the Saris CycleOps power meter/cycling computer system. Then they hinted at availability and possible Di2 integration.

Now, as the major pro road races get closer, they’ve announced the entire thing has been designed around Garmin’s cycling computers. To prove it, they’re sticking it on the Team Garmin-Barracuda bikes claiming it’s one of (if not the) first time an entire Pro Tour team has used carbon fiber stems during the race. We’ve seen recent third party mounting options from Bar Fly and Quarq, but 3T’s is the first we’ve seen that actually integrates the mount into the stem.

UPDATE: US MSRP is $365. The 110mm length should be shipping now, other sizes to follow. The reason they switched from CycleOps to Garmin is simply market penetration – more people have Garmin, and they wanted to open the design up to something with more market share.

Full PR and pics after the break…

3T Integra carbon fiber road bike stem with integrated garmin cycling computer mount

PRESS RELEASE: INTEGRA stem houses Garmin electronic devices, for systemic wireless device integration: easier to use, more aerodynamic, and more robustly protected for sporting use 3T is partnering with Garmin to integrate electronic instrumentation into the bicycle. It will build the INTEGRA stem as a platform for Garmin’s range of GPS and performance measurement devices.

The 3T INTEGRA stem, an all-carbon-fiber unibody, houses and protects Garmin Edge® head units, improving security, aerodynamics, and appearance. Clamp bolts are concealed by the shroud, making it both elegant and aerodynamic. It’s initially available in a 110-mm size and the range will expand to include 90-, 100-, and 120-mm sizes. Weight of the 110-mm stem is 135 g.

It’s suitable for road, track, and triathlon bikes but can also be used on MTB and cyclocross bikes.

Announcing the partnership with Garmin, 3T CEO René Wiertz said: “Today’s racing bicycle is a hi-tech product. We use computer technology to design and build frames, wheels, and cockpit components. But that’s just the hardware that goes under the rider. Together with our new partner Garmin, we’re extending that into the way riders use their bike.

“Today’s riders are entirely comfortable using information technology in most other aspects of their life. They’re increasingly using the same technology to help optimize their athletic performance. On-board navigation – for which Garmin is renowned – is converging with performance monitoring and measurement of critical date such as power output, cadence, and heart-rate. Logged data can be downloaded to an ongoing performance log, and analyzed to help improve training methods.

“Garmin has created a broad and experienced user community who are helping drive innovation, and what we are doing here will build on that by integrating advanced cycle instrumentation into the bicycle. This will not only look great on the bike, but will make it easier to use, more aerodynamic, and more robustly protected against the rough-and-tumble of sporting use.”

Stan Brajer, Director, Fitness Sales and Marketing at Garmin, added: “With the new 3T Integra stem, we’re excited to see the Garmin Edge become an even more central part of the bike. It will give cyclists an even better view of their ride data and we’re looking forward to seeing it in action with Team Garmin at the upcoming Giro.”


  1. Looks pretty huge, I’d rather just have an interface built into the top of the stem before the handlebar. Or the handlebar itself.

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