On-One Pre-Production Smorgusbord 2.25 Tire Tread

It’s always a treat stopping by the Titus / On-One / Planet X shop, as I get to chat with Shiggy.  This go around he broke out the pre-production Smorgasbord tire coming out under the On-One brand.  This is a tire of his own design, and was created with the Pacific Northwest / UK riding conditions in mind.  Expect it to preform well on trails with wet and/or soft soil, and roots shouldn’t be an issue.  The tire is 2.25″, will come in a 26″ and 29″ version, and you’ll have the option of a folding bead that uses a dual compound rubber, or a single compound wire bead.  Extra casing protection is found in the sidewall as well.  There is no price point set just yet, but being that they sell consumer direct, this one should be easily affordable.

On-One Pre-Production Smorgusbord 2.25 Tire Logo

Now head on past the jump for details and photos of a very pretty black and green On-One Lurcher, full carbon 29er hardtail.

On-One Lurcher 29er Full Bike

Floating around the Titus / On-One / Planet X showroom was the newly available On-One Lurcher, full carbon 29er hardtail. The On-One Lurcher has been promised, but delayed for a while.  Well, they’re here now!  This is the full carbon version of the On-One Scandal, and comes in around 1550g for the frame.

On-One Lurcher 29er Headtube

On-One Lurcher 29er Headset

On-One Lurcher 29er Rear Seat Stays

On-One Lurcher 29er Rear Dropout

On-One Lurcher 29er Brake Mount

On-One Lurcher 29er Front Derailure Mount

On-One Lurcher 29er Frame



  1. Better late than pregnant. But seriously, I’d rather them delay it than rush it out with a bunch of problems, even though it is just another carbon hardtail. Seems fairly well thought out.

  2. While I’m sure it is just the angle of the photo or some trick of the shadows, that rear wheel looks way off center.

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