Titus El Guapo 29er Prototype

I recently paid a visit to crew over at the new Titus / On-One / Planet X US  HQ warehouse here in Portland, OR.  They were kind enough to give me a shop tour and interview (stay tuned for that post soon).  However, the showroom wasn’t quite finished up when I was there, so I popped over today to grab a few photos of the newly completed showroom.  While poking around I saw the new El Guapo 29er prototype hanging out.

Head past the break for specs and more images…

Titus El Guapo 29er Prototype Sticker
"Prototype" stickers are always my favorite

The El Guapo 29er is close translation from the 26″ version.  You get 140mm rear travel, tapered headtube, and an upgraded 142×12 rear end.  This prototype fame was fitted with 2.5″ tires with a tiny bit of room to spare.  Expect the bike in late fall, and while the price point isn’t set yet, it won’t be to far north of the $999 the current 26″ version is selling for.

Titus El Guapo 29er Prototype Rear Tire Clearance
Fat 2.5" tires with just a bit of room to spare.


Titus El Guapo 29er Prototype Rear Seat Stays

Titus El Guapo 29er Prototype 142x12 Rear Stays
The upgraded 142x12 rear, and meaty stays.


  1. Nice, although I wander if they will ever invite you back again.
    I don’t understand why the top tube and seat tube brace are so close.

  2. Too bad this company is a mess and a half. Michael’s new kid and girlfriend are keeping him busy, Ricky Kirton can’t market worth shit, nor can he work as a distrubutor at all. It’s as if they are working as a bare bones American end of this whole conglomo-company, and it’s all a boiling poop-storm….

    I hope they finally get around to me and my broken chainstay on my Fireline… What’s it been now? Eight months?

  3. @ wobbem, the bike was at Sea Otter, so it’s no real secret. And I have a feeling I will be back in a couple of weeks, as I am picking up a demo ‘cross bike from the guys. Stay tuned!

  4. @ Mike – my understanding is they will continue to sell consumer direct for their brands, but if you are in the Portland area and want to contact them you can see some of the bikes in their showroom.

  5. Are those ISCG tabs? $999 would be an icredible price for something standing toe to toe with a Satori, Bandit 29 and the Norco Shinobi. I’m still holding my breath for a Trance 29 but can’t see it happening until 2014…

  6. Portlandia,
    If you have an issue with your Fireline chainstay that has not been addressed – please contact me directly by phone – 503-477-6182 and I will immediately look into it.

    BTW – she is my wife – not my girlfriend, and I work very hard to ensure that our customers are taken care of.

    Titus Cycles/Planet X USA

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