Praxis Works TURN full carbon fiber crankset with carbon oversize 35mm spindle

Progress is being made on Praxis Works’ carbon fiber Turn crankset, first shown with some of these other items at Interbike. it has a forged one piece double chainring -as in both chainrings are forge as a single piece- and a massive hollow arm/spider with a huge BCD with dual bolts on the inside of the spider.

Using their M35 bottom bracket, which fits into any BB30 or PFBB30 frame but puts the bearings outside the frame for a wider stance. This also lets them give their crank spindle a 35mm diameter. Yes, 35 millimeters.

“Put it all together and you have an obscenely stiff chainring with no deflection,” said Adam Haverstock, director of marketing and sales. “we wanted to see how crazy we could go, and they system comes in sub 650 grams. There are lighte systems out there, but nothing’s going to match the performance.”

Praxis Works TURN full carbon fiber crankset with carbon oversize 35mm spindle

Amazingly, this fits into any “30” mm spindle frame, but clearance around the BB shell is tight…

Praxis Works M35 bottom bracket lets you run their custom 35mm spindle BBs with any BB30 or PressFit BB 30 frame.

Luckily, they have their M35 bottom bracket that slides into a PFBB30 or BB30 frame and threads together tight. This means there are no pressed in bushing to come loose and things will stay in place.


Working on a hollow forged crank that’ll be at the Ultegra level and should be about 750g all in. They also have a carbon fiber version that should come in at 700g or just under with rings, BB and both arms.

Praxis Works Mountain Singlespeed 1x chainrings

New Mountain 1X single chainrings are stamped and machined. This is a departure from their cold forged rings that set them apart in the aftermarket chainring arena.

Why? Because single rings don’t need the complex shift profiles, and because people don’t generally want to pay more than $50 for single ring gears.

Praxis Works Dura Ace replacement chainrings and chain end caps

Also new is the bolt and cap kit for Shimano Dura-Ace so that their rings don’t look so non-integrated. They’ll only be offered with rings for about a $40-$50 upcharge.



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