2013 SR Suntour RUX DH dual crown air suspension fork

SR Suntour’s new RUX DH fork will come in at their top of the line Werx level. Fork name is a nod to Hendrix (R U Xperienced?) and is designed to offer world cup performance while being super easy to work on and adjust. It’s being race tested by Garrett Buehler and James Doerfling on the World Cup circuit, who’ve said if they can work on it without messing things up anyone should be able to.

They also had a cut down version of their carbon fiber lower Axon XC fork testing as a 650B fork and a very interesting commuter suspension fork…

On the RUX, the air spring side’s top cap threads out to adjust air volume by simply removing or adding spacers (the black plastic pieces on the right). Takes about three minutes if you don’t know what you’re doing. The result is firmer or softer suspension feel depending on the size of the air chamber (more air means a cushier fork). The damping cartridge (silver rod at left) pulls out easily, too, because it’s a self contained system rather than an open bath. The simple design also makes repair easy at the shop level (or in the field if you’re the kind of person to carry spare parts to the races), which saves the consumer time and money versus having to send it all the way back to the factory.

While most people will likely just keep it at the stock 200mm, travel is internally adjustable down to 180mm by moving the platform on the air spring piston by pulling the lowers off. Claimed weight is 6lb 5oz with uncut steerer.  Pricing and availability is TBD.

SR Suntour Prototype Axon XC 650B 27-5 suspension fork with carbon fiber lowers and crown

They took their carbon fiber Axon RC 29er fork and cut down the lowers to test a 27.5 fork. They’re calling it 27.5 even though they plastered 650B stickers all over it. Just an experiment for now.

SR Suntour Swing shock commuter bike suspension fork

Not new but interesting is their Swing Shock anti-dive commuter suspension fork.The design is reminiscent of the old AMP forks and prevents brake dive. Disc and V-brake compatible.


  1. “It’s being race tested by Garrett Buehler and James Doerfling on the World Cup circuit,”
    those guys don’t race, they’re free riders haha

  2. Wow. innovative, flappy QR lever for axle retention. What year is it? Nice touch. Hopefully they open up the tolerances inside like they did for the late, great Marzocchi.
    And then they re-invent an anti dive fork for commuters? If you can’t make an 80 mm fork for commuters that feels decent then what are you doing?

  3. @ETB

    I’ve heard great things about the simplicity of Suntours axle retention system. Have you used it or only seen the pictures above sir epic hater?

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